iCLEBO YCR-M05-10 Arte Intelligent Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The iCLEBO Arte currently available on Smarthome here, is a top selling robotic vacuum cleaner that aims to make cleaning a much more hands-off experience. With a variety of impressive features and a relatively low price point compared to other robotic vacuums on the market, the iCLEBO Arte makes for an affordable, feature rich and capable cleaning appliance.

15 Built-in Sensors

The iCLEBO Arte is a technologically advanced, yet affordable robot vacuum cleaner which possesses 15 built-in sensors to help navigate the robot through all types of housing environments.

Whilst roaming your home, the sensors allow the iCLEBO Arte to be able to intelligently navigate through both large open spaces and furniture filled rooms with tricky corners.

Vacuum And Wet Mop

Impressively, the iCLEBO Arte possesses both a vacuum and wet mop ability. To vacuum normally, you can set the device to clean on a timer, or conversely, you can manually activate the robot either by simply pushing a button on the included remote control, or by pressing a button on the robot’s touch panel.

To activate the wet mop feature, you simply have to attach the included mop plate to the bottom of the robot. When this has been done, your handy little robot companion will automatically default to mop mode.

The robotic iCLEBO Arte is certainly a vacuum cleaner with character and it will soon feel like you have a robotic pet running around the house, whilst you sit back and relax!


Five Modes + Climbing Feature

The iCLEBO Arte comes with five operating modes (random, spot, navigation, wet mop and max) plus the robot even comes with a climbing mode.

The climbing mode allows the robot to climb thresholds of up to 2cm, which is a greater climbing threshold than the current 1 cm robotic vacuum cleaner average.

Despite its small size, the robot provides a thorough clean and the fact that it has quite a high climbing threshold means that the robot is much less likely to get stuck on rugs or mats compared to many robots with a smaller climbing threshold.

Auto Return Feature

Impressively, when the iCLEBO Arte is connected to its charging base station, it will automatically return itself to the base station once it is done cleaning. Effectively, this means that your handy little cleaning companion will continually charge itself after each use.

If you want the robot to be hidden out of site, you can easily place the base station somewhere out of site (such as tucked away next to a cabinet for instance) and then you will hardly notice the robot is there, until it starts cleaning!

Another great robot cleaner (at a slightly cheaper price point)  is the Iclebo Pop Intelligent Robotic Vacuum Cleaner available through Smarthome here. This intelligent robot vacuum also has an impressive climbing mode to clean doorsills and rugs, and it also possesses both a vacuum and wet mop feature.

Long Battery And Triple CPU

The top selling iCLEBO Arte not only possesses an extra-long battery at up to 160 minutes on a full charge, but it also possesses a triple CPU to provide efficient and intelligent device operation.

The robot is able to both function very efficiently and also precisely analyse its environment due to its triple CPU, consisting of a micro controller unit, power management unit and a vision unit.

All in all the iCLEBO Arte is a very nice, feature rich robot at an affordable price point (currently USD 399.95) and it will certainly provide you with a more hands-off cleaning experience. An experience, that is, that will make home cleaning significantly less of a chore!

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