Have you ever wondered why the Cisco VPN client doesn’t work on 64-bit Mac OS?

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Many organizations provide VPN access for the end user in their company with third party tool named as Cisco VPN client. This doesn’t work on any 64-bit Mac OS.

However, from Mac OS X 10.6, you can use in-built feature named as IPSec VPN ,so you don’t need to look around for any third party tool. In this case, you might have to decode your .pcf file which contains all the configuration of your VPN setting.

Here’s step by step guide for configuring it:

  1. Open System Preferences -> Network
  2. Click “+” to get more options where you have to select  Interface “VPN” and VPN Type “Cisco IPSec“. Here by give your proper description in “Service Name” and click Create

Once you create this, the main work out is to decode the “enc_GroupPwd” which you can’t simply copy and paste.

  1. Simply, open .pcf…

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