Crowley Jones (EVH-W) EyeVac Home Touchless Vacuum

The EyeVac Home is a compact, sleek, home appliance that provides a fast and convenient way to keep hard floors clean. Available via Smarthome here, the EyeVac Home contains many impressive features which make home vacuuming a far easier, significantly more hands-off experience.

Touchless Vacuum

The EyeVac Home utilises the latest always ready IR (infrared) sensors to automatically activate, so there is no need to touch the device to activate the machine.

One simply has to sweep the debris to the ‘mouth’ of the EyeVac Home and then the machine does the work for you as the infra red sensors automatically activate the vacuum.

This innovative device also includes both an “Automatic” setting for fast and convenient, touchless activation,  and a “Manual” mode to allow activation-upon-demand.

The EyeVac Home – possesses a sleek & modern, compact chassis
Efficient Powerful Suction

The EyeVac Home possesses a 1000 Watt motor which removes 100% of dust, hair, and debris instantly, so you can enjoy clean floors and fresh, clean air.

The device also provides maximum cleaning efficiency with a cleaning run time of less than 10 seconds, so dirt is swept up virtually instantly.

The device also cleverly compacts debris and dirt to maximise canister space, and the device holds up well to tough home cleaning challenges including: pet hair, dirt, mud, litter, and dust.

Should you, however, require an even more powerful cleaner that is more suitable to a more commercial or large office type environment, as opposed to a home environment, then the EyeVac Pro is also available via Smarthome here. This electric dustpan also possesses Cyclonic Vacuum cleaning combined with dual HEPA air filtration, and it is all powered by a more powerful 1400 Watt motor.


Clean Floor & Clean Air

As for the more home-centric EyeVac Home device, it possesses both Cyclonic Vacuum action and dual (HEPA) filtration which means that the device doubles up as both a vacuum and home air filtration system.

In this way, the device not only cleans your floor, it filters and cleans the air in your home environment, thus cleansing the air of dust, allergens and air born irritants.

Indicator & No Bags

The EyeVac Home possesses a convenient “Full” indicator which lets you know when it’s time to empty the canister. Essentially, a red status light shines when it is time to empty the device, and until then, the vacuum will continuously clean and compact debris inside its internal canister, whenever dirt is detected.

One of the best aspects to the EyeVac Home vacuum, also, is that the device comes with both a completely bagless canister & lifetime filters. As a result, you won’t have to spend extra money on vacuum bags and spare filters, which is always a plus!

The EyeVac Home – fits in well in any home environment
Sleek & Compact

The EyeVac Home not only provides high powered, semi-automated vacuum cleaning, it does so in an aesthetically-pleasing, modern and compact chassis, which effectively takes up no real space at all.

Currently priced at 119.00 USD via Smarthome, the EyeVac Home touchless vacuum fits seamlessly into any house or apartment. Furthermore, with its extensive array of abilities and user-friendly features, this home cleaner makes for a very convenient and easy to use home appliance!

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