The Complete Tales Of Beatrix Potter – 23 Audio Books On 4 CDs

Currently available via eBay here, The Complete Tales Of Beatrix Potter is a popular, wonderfully classic and delightfully quaint audio book series that is packed to the brim with adventure, unique and loveable characters, and an original and inspiring collection of theme music!

23 Books In 1

With a whopping twenty three audio books in one set, The Complete Tales Of Beatrix Potter provides a long-lasting, truly immersive adventure which is great for entertaining children and adults alike.

With more than five hours of listening time, the series provides stories which truly come alive through the skilled narrator Shane Sody’s riveting and inspiring narrative performances.

This audio series is completely faithful to all of Beatrix Potter’s 23 original stories, and the set includes: four audio CD’s, a full suite of sound effects, 23 different music themes, 42 audio tracks and the full 23 titles in illustrated, pdf e-book format.

e-Books Included

The Complete Tales Of Beatrix Potter include a fifth bonus CD which contains all 23 titles in illustrated pdf e-book form. This is great for those who would prefer to enjoy the magical tales in written format as opposed to audio format.

The PDF e-books include not just the captivating stories but also every single one of Beatrix Potter’s enchanting, original illustrations – with 508 of them in colour, and 180 in classic black and white!

The Complete Tales Of Beatrix Potter – includes 23 Books in 1
Mesmerising & Endearing Characters

The Complete Tales Of Beatrix Potter is a truly mesmerising collection of tales with such enchanting characters as: Benjamin Bunny, Jemima Puddleduck, Peter Rabbit and their various friends!

This series is particularly great for young children, as you can watch their eyes light up as the characters jump into action! Although, being honest, many an adult will still enjoy the enchanting wizardry of the narrator as he brings to life the loveable characters and their oft-humorous dialogue!

Some of the particularly memorable scenes include:

  • Peter Rabbit running from Mr McGregor
  • ‘Two Bad Mice’ smashing up Lucinda’s dolls’ house!
  • Jemima Puddleduck rescued from the fox, by the growling and barking dogs!

The fantastically entertaining narrator Shane Sody also has a whole host of other entertaining audio tales such as ‘War of the Worlds,’ ‘Animal Farm’ and ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz,’ all available via eBay here. Each one is a true classic in its own right!

The Complete Tales Of Beatrix Potter – includes both audio and ebooks
Award Winning Narrator

The Complete Tales Of Beatrix Potter and its assortment of enchanting characters has been exquisitely brought to life by its talented narrator Shane Sody. Shane is a former award-winning radio host who is now dedicated to producing quality narrations of the greatest stories ever told!

With this Beatrix Potter audio book, Shane has brought this truly legendary series to life with his experience and talent, developed over a 23 year professional career on Australian commercial radio. Shane has also gained valuable experience working as a newscaster on some of Australia’s best known radio stations, and arguably, this refined narrative talent has added a character voice narration which is refined, professionally honed, and expertly delivered.

Currently priced on eBay at AU $30.95 (approximately: 22.09 EUR / 23.45 USD / 18.73 GBP) with a 30 day warranty and free air mail postage anywhere in the world, The Complete Tales Of Beatrix Potter audio set provides great entertainment for both children and adults alike!

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