Easter Surprise From Genesis Mining

We’re writing to let you know that Genesis Mining has now been serving the Bitcoin community for 3 years, and we want to personally thank each and every one of you for helping make that possible.

Rapid Growth

It has been an exciting 3 years for Genesis Mining and their customers, as Bitcoin has risen in value and the ecosystem keeps growing. We also wanted to announce that Genesis Mining now has over 500,000 customers!

It’s because of early adopters like you that such rapid growth is possible!

5% Discount

To say thanks, Genesis Mining is running an Easter special giving 5% off all contracts on Easter Monday with a special code.

Crack The Code

You can find the promo code by going on an Easter Egg hunt, we’ve given you an image of an egg here, if you are able to crack it, you’ll find the promo code!

3% Discount

Don’t worry if you can’t crack it though, because you can still get a 3% discount with the code 4bY6sc when you sign up here for a mining contract with Genesis Mining!

Augur Software

Lately, there’s been a lot of interest in Augur software, what it means for cryptocurrency and what people need to know.

Genesis Mining have prepared a report to give you a good overview and help you get a better idea of the key points.

Currently, Augur is now available for auto-trade exclusively for Ethereum contracts.

Last but not least, Genesis Mining would like to share the recent success of their BlockSpeak Conferences in India!

As interest in cryptocurrencies in India grows there are more and more people looking for educational resources and speakers who can give them the information they need. That’s one of the main reasons why Genesis Mining started these conferences and they plan to continue to host them in other parts of the world too.

As the value of cryptocurrencies are increasing, now is a better time than ever to get started.

Ps. Don’t forget to use the discount code 4bY6sc when you sign up!

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