FQ17W Foldable Pocket Drone with WIFI FPV 0.3MP Camera

Available via GeekBuying here, the FQ17W Foldable Pocket Drone is a best selling, compact drone which is especially great for beginners. It boasts various advanced features at a very reasonable price point, and its foldable arms are a particularly nice feature of this little zipper!

Multiple Flight Modes

The FQ17W Foldable Pocket Drone is is undoubtedly great for beginners, children and those who have literally never even been near a drone in their lives! Whilst certainly not a top level pro drone, this drone certainly has enough great features to provide many exciting and enjoyable flights.

The drone includes various convenient and fun flight modes such as ‘Altitude Hold Mode,’ ‘Headless Mode’ and ‘High Speed / Low Speed’ modes.

In ‘Altitude Hold Mode,’ the drone maintains a consistent altitude whilst allowing the pilot to still control the yaw, roll and pitch normally.

In ‘Headless Mode’ the aircraft does not need its position to be adjusted before flying, so the pilot can effectively jump straight into the action.

The ‘High Speed / Low Speed’ mode allows for the pilot to have full control over his / her flight experience, and thus beginner pilots have the chance to fly in slow mode should they need more time to get to grips with the basics!

The FQ17W folds up very nicely!
Advanced Manoeuvres

The FQ17W Foldable Pocket Drone possesses other advanced features such as ‘One Key Take-Off & Landing’ which allows for automatic take off or landing, merely at the press of a button. Effectively, therefore the drone will take off or go back to the place where it took off, making life much easier for total beginners!

This best selling drone also possesses the ability to perform 3D flips and rolls at the mere press of a button. Just be sure to be careful where you attempt this manoeuvre!

Practical Design

The FQ17W Foldable Pocket Drone allows for exceptional portability due to its compact design. The drone possesses foldable arms, thus allowing for a small profile for transportation, as well as a futuristic, sleek look.

The drone also includes LED lights for increased illumination and visibility at night time, and thus, it is harder to lose the drone in darker light conditions.

Adding further to the drone’s credentials as an excellent beginner level drone, the FQ17W Foldable Pocket Drone is also pretty durable, and thus, it should stand up to at least a few beginner pilot errors!

Another good point about this fun mini aircraft, is that as it is on the lower end of the price scale, should you somehow manage to damage the drone (despite its durability) spare parts are available relatively cheaply. Spare propellers, for instance, can be bought for very low cost on GeekBuying here for less than 3 USD (EUR 2.05 / GBP 1.77)!

The FQ17W is compact and easy to transport
I See You

Without a doubt, a drone with live video feed capability adds a great deal to the piloting experience, and this little drone does not disappoint in this regard.

The FQ17W Foldable Pocket Drone possesses an integrated camera which works via WIFI.  The WIFI enabled FPV camera is mounted on the aircraft, and it undoubtedly adds a lot of extra fun to the piloting experience via the live video feed.

Impressively, there are also apps available for the device, which effectively help to provide an enhanced flying experience for tech savvy pilots. With an iPhone, for instance, a pilot can pair the drone with his phone and then enjoy the piloting experience whilst viewing the live video feed via the phone!

All in all, this is a good drone for beginners, and this best selling drone possesses many surprisingly great features for its low price point. The FQ17W Foldable Pocket Drone is currently on special offer at the moment at GeekBuying for 34.99 USD (32.69 EUR / 28.23 GBP) and its regular price is 51.90 USD (48.49 EUR / 41.88 GBP).

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