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HTC VIVE Virtual Reality Headset

Putting on the HTC VIVE Virtual Reality Headset, available on eBay here, washes away the real world with fantastical experiences–from rec room-type games like ping-pong or pool to experiences spanning a wide range of categories.


You can enjoy playing over a thousand games with SteamVR™. SteamVR™ Tracking, stunning graphics, a 110˚ field of view, intuitive controls and HD haptic feedback all provide an unparalleled sense of immersion.

Full Immersion
VIVE Deluxe Audio Strap

Once you put on the VIVE headset, you’re immersed in a world full of surprises. Walk around freely and explore everything. The in-built Chaperone guidance system keeps you safely within the bounds of your play area and stunning graphics makes your experience feel both real and surreal simultaneously.

HD Haptic Feedback

HD haptic feedback and intuitive gestures mean that playing games and interacting with the virtual world comes naturally. VIVE’s two wireless controllers feature 24 sensors for unobstructed movement, meaning you can do more in VR than ever before!

360˚ Motion Tracking

You get 360˚ motion tracking with VIVE thanks to breakthrough base station technology that helps the headset and controllers track their exact location in space. You are able to freely explore and interact with the virtual world as room-scale VR puts you at the centre of everything.

Product Information

Enhance your virtual reality experience and enjoy gaming on another level with the HTC VIVE VR headset. This model offers a comfortable and easy-to-use OLED display that provides an immersive visual fidelity with a resolution of 2160 x 1200 pixels. For accurate motion tracking, the VIVE is equipped with an accelerometer, gyroscope, laser position sensor, and a front-facing camera.

This VR headset has both HMDI and USB interfaces in order to establish a connection with a desktop/laptop computer and is compatible with the SteamVR™ platform. With the HTC VIVE, available in black, you can experience worlds beyond imagination and never run out of adventures!

The product is currently priced at 848 USD / 780 EUR.

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