Wordsmith English Services: Forging Your Success

How confident are you when speaking or writing English?

English is a well-known language that over 50% of people in the EU speak, as well as over 840 million people worldwide, and these numbers are always on the rise. With that many people able to read and understand English, any errors in the language come across as sloppy and unprofessional.

Wordsmith English Services is here to solve all your language-related problems.


Language and communication are key in the modern world. If you can’t communicate your ideas or intentions, you can’t succeed. Be it a website for your business, an article for your media, a thesis awaiting evaluation, or the lyrics on your upcoming album, we want to make sure that your words are optimized for maximum effect. Our goal is to make you look and sound good!

Are you a student with a tight budget? Never fear! Wordsmith offers a 20% discount for all non-PhD students for any work that goes toward your education (essays, theses, journals).


Speaking in a second language isn’t always easy, as our mouths develop around our native tongue. If you’re in a recording studio, on stage, or even at a business meeting, having a neutral accent helps you to convey your message as clearly and concisely as possible, without mispronunciations or Freudian slips.

Coaching services involve private or group time with your Wordsmith to go over existing texts, or simply discuss sounds that you might have trouble with. We’ll advise you on how to wrap your tongue around the nuances of the English language.


Running a company or a website can be busy work. Writing lyrics for your band can be a nightmare! You can see the road ahead and you’re ready to set out, but maybe you’re focused on the business or musical side of things and weaving word webs isn’t your forté.

Maybe you’re just starting and you’ve got your website mapped out, but haven’t got the text to lure interested parties to your site. Perhaps you’re finishing the lyrics for your album but you just can’t get the words to work with your melodies. Or maybe you need someone to cover articles for your news site from time to time, but you’re short a journalist.

This just in! Having a Wordsmith to help with your content, lyrics, or articles can keep you looking professional without taking up too much of your own precious time.


Let’s face it – typing out audio files manually is time-consuming! You’re busy and you have better things to do than converting your audio to text. Don’t worry, your Wordsmith has a unearthly typing speed, all the necessary software, and a foot pedal to boot.

Be it medical, interview, business, legal, or any other audio, if you need it transcribed, it can be done and in full confidentiality. All transcription follows a standard style guide with all inaudibles timestamped for your convenience.

Medical Transcription certified!

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