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Polo Ralph Lauren Faxon Low SK VLCs

Available via Amazon here, the Polo Ralph Lauren Faxon SK VLCs are a highly rated, fabulously classic, men’s shoe which make for the perfect footwear for casual strolls around town, or jubilant nights out with the boys!

Classic Yet Modern

It would seem that the legendary man himself, Ralph Lauren, did the impossible. He created a shoe design which is quintessentially classic in design, perhaps bordering on antiquated, yet the shoe, impressively, still exudes modernity and functional practicality.

With a wonderfully casual, beach-party-esque, low-to-the-ground shoe construction (which effectively has no-heel) the Polo Ralph Lauren Faxon SK VLCs possess a wonderfully rich, classic feel to the design (regardless of chosen colour option). Furthermore, the materials used are high quality and perfectly fit for such a premium fashion brand item.

The Polo Ralph Lauren Faxon SK VLCs – wonderfully classic yet ever so modern
Fit For Any Style

The Polo Ralph Lauren Faxon SK VLCs are arguably a top men’s fashion accessory which not only look classic but fit seamlessly into virtually any style set up.

This particular pair features a superb, stylish textile upper and textile / synthetic lining that will prove both comfortable and durable when out and about. The shoes also possess a rubber outsole for superior traction on any surface, and they also possess a luxurious, embroidered, iconic horseman logo on the side.

Furthermore, the shoes provide a strong canvas and sole, as well as a quality contrasting leather lace, that together, combine to provide a shoe that looks stunning whether you’re rocking jeans, shorts or chinos!

The Polo Ralph Lauren Faxon SK VLCs – offer excellent style versatility
Multiple Colour Options

For those who like options, thankfully, the Polo Ralph Lauren Faxon SK VLCs come in a wide variety of different, sleek colour options and patterns, a few of which are shown in the picture below.

Furthermore, for those who are looking for more overall design variations, another great design is the Polo Ralph Lauren Mens Slaton Sneaker, available via Amazon here. This alternate top rated design features an uber comfortable Gum Rubber sole and a stylish lace-up closure.

The Polo Ralph Lauren Faxon SK VLCs – choose your pick!
Yacht Not Required

The Ralph Lauren brand has, arguably, for a long time been synonymous with the idealistic vision of the ‘American high life.’

Whether this top fashion brand in fact truly represents this image or not, is purely up to interpretation, yet regardless, at current trending market prices, even ordinary folks can revel in the top notch design pieces that this best selling brand has to offer.

These stunning Polo Ralph Lauren Faxon SK VLCs allow you to add a touch of vibrancy to your style in the run up to summer, and in the current price range of $29.99 – $119.99, a taste of the ‘high life’ is thankfully not too far out of reach!

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