Wordsmith English Services: Discounts For Students & Musicians

It’s a basic fact of life that quality costs. Be it food, consumer products, or services – if it’s cheap in cost, it’s probably cheap in make as well.

Quality Guarantee

Wordsmith English Services wants you to know that we’re not just good, we’re great. We’re worth the cost and that’s a guarantee! Whether the project is big or small, we will make sure you’re satisfied with the end product and we won’t rest until you are.

Indefinite Discounts

However, we’re not insensitive to our low-budget clients, referring specifically to students and musicians. These two groups are notorious for having limited funding, and Wordsmith English Services wants to assure you that we are sympathetic. That’s why we are offering the following indefinite discounts:


If you are working on a thesis, essay, or any other project that goes towards completing your education, we are offering you a 20% discount on your hourly editing rate. Just show us a valid student* ID card, and we’ll knock this price off your total.

  • Standard starting price for editing: 40€/h
  • Student price for editing: 32€/h

*PhD students are not eligible


We all know the music industry is rough, so we want to take it easy on you. If your band is working on your debut album, or if you’re not yet signed to a label, we’d like to offer you a 10€/hour discount on your pronunciation coaching needs. You need to impress the world to break into a tough business, and we want to see that happen. Let’s work together to accomplish your goals .

  • Standard starting price for pronunciation coaching: 60€/h
  • Unsigned/debut price for pronunciation coaching: 50€/h

These discounts are indefinite, meaning there’s no expiration date! Take your time and get your thesis or album just the way you want it before calling us up. We don’t want you rush things to make a discount deadline, so make sure you get everything just right before we come in to help you polish things to perfection.

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