Premium Sports Kinesiology Tape for Muscle Support and Recovery 5m x 5cm Prime 6 PACK

The Premium Sports Kinesiology Tape for Muscle Support and Recovery, available from Amazon here,  comes in rolls of 5m x 5cm for excellent coverage. The rolls are Hypoallergenic Acylic skin friendly and adhesive and latex free. This particular bundle comes in packs of six for greater value.

The rolls are water resistant for long lasting support, ensuring that they do not wear off over time due to moisture. They even have 1.8x elongation which gives the rolls gives a superior hold.

Generous Size

Boa’s generously sized tapes offer strips cut to any length up to 5m per role. The 5cm profile provides excellent coverage across muscles, allowing for superior support and comfort.

Hypoallergenic Acrylic Skin-Friendly Adhesive
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Also available in Pink!

Boa Tape is entirely latex free and is mostly cotton based. The adhesive is hypoallergenic and is unlikely to cause any skin irritation for any user.

Water Resistant

The tape is 70% water resistant and will survive bathing and showering. This ensures continued support and muscle recovery.

Superior Hold
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Boa Tape has a superior hold

Boa kinesiology tape offers enhanced muscle support with single direction elongation up to 1.8x along the length of the strip. This provides greater retracting force up to 5 Newtons, depending on the distance stretched. This is a massive advantage compared to some manufacturers that only offer 1.5-2N of retracting force.

Incredibly Versatile

Boa Tape is an incredibly versatile product able to help support muscles, aiding recovery and helping prevent injury. Boa Tape can be used for a range of applications, from pain relief to posture correction.

Don’t wait forever for muscle repair or risk injury by not receiving adequate support. Order your tape now and feel the benefits today!

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