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Zizo Bolt Case for iPhone 7 – 12 ft. Military Grade Drop Tested / Screen Protector

Available from Zizo here, the top selling Zizo Bolt Case is a hard-as-nails, meticulously designed and thoroughly-tested phone case which provides elite protection for your precious iPhone 7. Available also in a multitude of different sizes to fit other phone models and types, this impressive phone case features an abundance of tech which has been specifically designed to keep your phone alive!

Military Standard

There’s no tough quite like military tough! The Zizo Bolt Case is 12 ft. Military Standard 810G Drop Test Certified, which essentially means that the product has passed extraneous product tests to guarantee protection for that precious iPhone 7!

By dispersing impact force evenly throughout the case, this Military Grade product   effectively aids in nullifying the damage caused by dropping the phone and thus, provides exemplary protection for your device.

Built-in, Outer Locking Kickstand

With a built-in kickstand, the case allows you to experience movies and content via a highly-convenient, strategically-placed, hands-free option and all without adding excessive bulk and weight to your phone. Simply extend the kickstand to kick back and relax when watching movies or online content via your phone’s ‘landscape’ mode. The kickstand is also simple to click back into place when you’re done.

The Zizo Bolt Case – Military Standard Drop Test Certified
No More Cracked Screens

With a one-touch installation Zizo 0.33 mm 9H Hardness Tempered Glass Screen Protector included with the product, you will no longer have to worry about dropping the phone face-down. Made with ultrathin, oleophobic coated glass to prevent scratches without distorting viewing clarity, the days of ending up with the dreaded face-plant cracked screen will be over!

Interestingly, one study revealed in the Daily Mail (UK news) claims that when dropped, most phones actually fall screen-first around 60% of the time! You can read more about that at the Daily Mail here. Luckily, the Zizo Bolt Case has you covered on that front!

Ultimately, this case is an excellent iPhone accessory yet Zizo also offer this case for many other phone types and sizes as well. Should you be an android fan, for example, Zizo also provide this great option for the Samsung Galaxy 8, which you can check out at Zizo here.

The Zizo Bolt Case is also available for the Samsung Galaxy 8 and many others.
Ergonomic, Multi-Layered Defence

Ultimately, a high quality phone either needs a great case or insurance, rarely both. Often, a good case foregoes the need for insurance in many cases (no pun intended!), and it will undoubtedly prove to be a lot cheaper.

With the best selling Zizo Bolt Case you can rest assured that you are getting a top quality case that is designed to take a beating and still look great. The case possesses a soft inner Tetra Polyurethane layer to absorb shock, and it cleverly utilises a harder, impact-resistant polycarbonate shell to disperse it. Also, the case does all this whilst only adding less than 1/8 of an inch (just under 1/3 of a cm) to your phone, thus it fits in any pocket and still looks great in your hands.

Normally retailing at 59.99 USD, the Zizo Bolt Case for iPhone 7 is currently on special offer for 24.99 USD (approx. 19.30 GBP / 22.43 EUR), which isn’t half bad for such a hard-as-nails case!

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