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ECCO Men’s Cage Pro – Premium Hybrid Golf Shoe

Available to US-based customers, via the ECCO store here, the best selling ECCO Men’s Cage Pro are a premium golf shoe which offer top comfort levels combined with unparalleled grip, for excellent performance potential on the course. Combining top sports technology innovations with a comfortable, stylish design ethos, ECCO have provided a superb product for avid golfing enthusiasts and Pros alike!

Spydr-Grip® Spike-less

The ECCO Men’s Cage Pro is a sleek, athletic shoe for men, which utilises new Spydr-Grip® spike-less outsole technology to ensure exceptional stability on the course. The design effectively uses naturally-placed pivot points in the sole’s design to ensure that the wearer receives excellent stability on any course terrain.

Furthermore, this design innovation not only ensures unparalleled grip, it also ensures that the shoe is easy on the green (with course preservation in mind). The design also assures that there will be no substantial clogging of dirt in the sole, which certainly makes maintenance easier.

This premium golf shoe is also crafted from breathable Fritton leather for keeping your feet fresh, and the shoe also features a Midsole heel cage design which provides extra stability in the rough.

The ECCO Men’s Cage Pro – combines grip with comfort for top performance potential
Supreme Comfort

The ECCO Men’s Cage Pro features a snug leather upper and an ergonomic sole design with soft curves that follow the natural contours of the foot. This anatomical design is also complemented with two inlay soles which feature a removable comfort fibre layer for extra width.

Should you be interested in other bestselling Golf Shoes, ECCO also offer the ECCO Men’s Cage Evo which are currently on a reduced price special offer at ECCO here.  This impressive golf shoe is also one to watch, as it too possesses many top design features, such as: weather resistant HYDROMAX™ technology to help keep feet dry, a KPU-structured textile design for a superb fit and long-lasting wear, and Champ SLIM spikes for improved terrain grip.

Significantly, ECCO also offer some great hybrid ladies golf shoes, should the missus also be an avid golfer: ECCO Women’s Classic Hybrid.

The ECCO Men’s Cage Evo – another great men’s golf shoe alternative
Ultra Lightweight

During the manufacturing process, this practical yet style-conscious shoe utilises a unique Direct-Injected Process (DIP) which fuses the midsole and heel cage into one unit. This design aspect effectively helps to make the shoe incredibly light, durable and flexible, which make it perfectly suited for its role on the course.

Made with soft, water-resistant, HYDROMAX® leather for increased breathability when your working hard in-game, you can rest assured that your feet are both well protected and extra snug.

Currently on sale at ECCO with an Original MSRP of 210.00 USD, these premium shoes make for a great option for avid golf enthusiasts and pros alike!

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