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Available from Starbucks here, the bestselling Verismo® V Brewer is an impressive coffee machine which utilises high quality coffee pods to quickly whip up supremely satisfying coffee beverages.  This versatile machine allows you to brew up a large, delicious variety of your top coffee favourites, ranging from rich brew coffee to bold espresso shots, lattes and more!

Dual Pressure Tech

The Verismo® V Brewer is certainly a great home appliance for the kitchen which will make brewing up your favourite brew, a doddle.

With its unique dual-pressure technology, the machine is able to brew up coffee and espresso shots, and it brews up a decently-sized 10 fl oz cup of coffee.

The machine has a water tank capacity of 77.7 fl oz / 2.3 liters, it has the dimensions of H 11” x W 7.6” x D 12.9,” and it has a pressure max of 19-bar / 275 psi, so it will fit well in any size kitchen. It will also handle making piping hot, delicious brews, day after day.

The Verismo® V Brewer – offers excellent home brew versatility
Starbucks Special Offer

It is worth pointing out that until the 22 May 2017 if you use the code EGIFT15 when making your purchase at Starbucks, you should receive a free 15 dollar eGift card with any purchase of 60 dollars plus!

Pleasantly Pleasing Pods

The Verismo® V Brewer works with high quality Verismo® Pods available at Starbucks here, and they have an immensely wide selection of tasty notes and roasts.

Starbucks, overall, has a large variety of handcrafted beverages which have been perfected over the years by master roasters.

Take the Espresso Roast Espresso Verismo® Pods, for instance, available here. This particular roast is an intense, caramel-sweet blend that goes perfectly with steamed milk, or as a stand alone cup of brewed coffee.

Awesome Accessory Options

Starbucks offer other delicious best selling options such as the Pike Place® Roast Brewed Coffee Verismo® Pods and they have excellent options with those with a sweet tooth.

The Verismo® White Chocolate Mocha Kit and the Verismo® Caramel Macchiato Kit for instance, shown in the picture below, also perfectly complement your Verismo® home brewed coffee or cup of mug of steamed milk. Just be careful that you don’t get too much of an addictive sweet tooth!


The Verismo® V Brewer – can be complimented with delicious extras
Super Fast Brew

Ultimately, the Verismo® V Brewer is a great home comfort appliance and it makes brewing up your morning coffee a whole lot simpler and easier. The machine makes exceptional espresso with a high pressure extraction and the machine is ready to brew in just 15 seconds.

You can also pair the device with the impressive Starbucks Verismo® Milk Frother to make even more stunning beverages!

Currently on sale at Starbucks for 149 USD, this machine currently has an average of 4.5 stars from an average of 376 reviews and it offers great versatility and varied coffee options for an arguably understated home coffee machine.

PS – Don’t forget to use the code EGIFT15 until the 22 May 2017 for your free 15 dollar eGift card with any purchase of 60 dollars plus!

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