Mom & Dadpreneurs: Stories, Strategies and Tips From Super Achievers in Family & Business

Available now via Amazon here, the bestselling Mom & Dadpreneurs takes you, the reader, on a captivating story-filled journey through the business and family lives of talented Super Achievers – those who have achieved great success in both business and family life. Packed with tips & strategies, this absorbing book is loaded with great ideas and practical advice that should help greatly boost your success and methodology when it comes to building a successful family-centric business.

Written To Inspire

The authors – Kelli Calabrese, Kyle Wilson and their various contributors – have created in Mom & Dadpreneurs, a book which may just inspire you to start your own business venture.

The book is also great for those who already own a business, as the book has been written to inspire mum’s and dad’s especially, to realise that there are always better, more efficient, and more family-conscious ways of running and improving their business.

All too often, entrepreneurs put business ahead of family, yet this book demonstrably shows, through stories of courage, personal development, growth, hardship and reward, how one can successfully combine both business and family life to achieve success in both, with minimal friction!

Mom & Dadpreneurs – a book packed full of invaluable, family-centric business tips
Business Ain’t All Sunshine And Rainbows

One particularly noteworthy aspect to Mom & Dadpreneurs, is that the authors frequently remind the reader that both business and family life are not without their trials and tribulations. The parents and entrepreneurs featured in this book, do not shy away from reminding the reader that success in both family and business life, requires hard work and constant effort.

The book is filled with real, true-life, captivating stories and anecdotes about lawsuits, addiction, abuse, debt, language barriers, illness, death, messy divorces and more!

Mom & Dadpreneurs will provide you with victories that were hard fought for before they were earned, and if you are already, currently a business owner, the book should inspire you to take your business to the next level. Alternatively, if you are new to business it should give you the hope and belief to strive on through all the initial tough times and go on to succeed!

An Entrepreneur’s Survival Guide

Another similar, and equally valuable book is the appropriately named For Better or For Work: A Survival Guide for Entrepreneurs and Their Families. Available via Amazon here, this best seller is a book which also offers valuable insight into how one can become a successful entrepreneur whilst still successfully managing family life.

In particular, the book delves into how a budding entrepreneur can follow one’s passion and build a successful business without sacrificing healthy family relationships. Such  long-term, vital, family relationships, sadly, all too often end up suffering due to mum or dad’s transitory pursuit of entrepreneurial success.

For Better or For Work – also offers excellent family-orientated business tips
A Full-Time Family Lifestyle?

All in all, Mom & Dadpreneurs is packed full of stories, strategies and tips, and it is arguably a book that can improve your life. Many books offer entertainment value alone, whereas this book offers both entertainment and life-improving value.

Do you envision yourself living a lifestyle where you can run a successful business, whilst still being able to live a full-time family lifestyle? Through the real-life stories depicted in this book, the reader has an opportunity to connect and empathise with the mum’s and dad’s who fought through all the fear and stress that inevitably comes with starting an independent, family business. Furthermore, the book allows us, the readers, to enjoy reflecting upon their many successes and failures as we learn how many of them fought on to dream big and succeed!

Currently on offer at Amazon for 11.67 USD for the paperback version (down from a usual list price of 12.97 USD), and the Kindle version offered at 4.92 USD, this family-focussed entrepreneurial guide may just be right for you!

Mom & Dadpreneurs is a wonderful book loaded with great ideas to help you build a successful family business, saving you years of hard work in achieving the same level of success.

— Brian Tracy, Author, Speaker, Consultant

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