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Protect Yourself From Ransomware With Norton Security

Web users should be aware of a significant and malicious ransomware variant known as WannaCry (or WanaCrypt) that is currently propagating across Windows PCs in organisations worldwide. You can read more about the threat here.

Your Data May Be Held For Ransom

We want to make our customers and subscribers aware of the impact that this threat could have on their data. For example, the ransomware may encrypt your files and hold for ransom by the assailant.

Norton Security Will Keep Your Data Safe

However, users who have Norton Security Products installed, active and up to date are protected against this threat. If you don’t have Norton Security, available here, now is the perfect time to get it as the Security line will be 55% off until June 28th!

WiFi Security


At Norton, they set out to change WiFi forever.  They envisioned a wireless router to protect all aspects of your digital life, while delivering the highest level of performance. Enter Norton Core™. Core uses advanced machine learning and Symantec’s global intelligence network to defend your home WiFi—and every device connected to it—against malware, viruses, hackers and much more.

We’ll keep you updated as the launch date is set for June 28th.

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