Epic Alien Action Figures – Alien Covenant, Prometheus & More!

*WARNING: This post contains spoilers!* With the new Alien Covenant movie currently thrilling audiences in cinemas around the world, now is a great chance to grab yourself an action figure memento! Available via eBay here, a wide range of fantastic Alien action figures are currently available. Below, we’ve highlighted a couple of bestselling figures from the newer movies, however, eBay also offer a huge range of action figures; figures ranging from the original, classic Alien movies and the Aliens versus Predator series, all the way up to the newer Prometheus and Alien Covenant instalments!

Xenomorph – Alien Covenant – 7” Scale Action Figure – $24.99 (approx. €22.31)
The Xenomorph – Alien Covenant – be afraid… be very afraid…

Seemingly straight from the depths of hell itself, the Xenomorph is back in Ridley Scott’s Alien Covenant – and it’s as terrifying as ever!

By far one of the most iconic and terrifying creatures ever to have been encountered on the cinema screen, the legendary Xenomorph is the kind of creature that you don’t ever want the misfortune of coming across!

Featuring an extendable inner mouth, a bendable tale and boasting a whopping 30 points of articulation, this well detailed action figure has been brilliantly brought to life – straight from the movie screen!

Coming in at an impressive 7″ and with superb detail in the model, the bestselling Alien Covenant Xenomorph is currently available via eBay here for $24.99 (approx. €22.31) plus shipping.

Neomorph – Alien Covenant – 7” Scale Action Figure – $22.99 (approx. €20.52)
The Neomorph – Alien Covenant – be even more afraid…

So what’s more terrifying that an Alien Xenomorph you say? *Cue drum roll…*

That’s right, you probably guessed it… the Neomorph!

The Alien Covenant movie introduced this horrifying new creature – a creature just as, if not more terrifying than the original Alien Xenomorph!

Fully equipped with an alternate interchangeable head and a poseable baby Neomorph accessory, this fantastically terrifying bestselling toy figure is a great addition to any budding Alien figure collection!

Just like the Xenomorph figure above, this chillingly screen accurate action figure also possesses over 30 points of articulation and a bendable tail.

The Neomorph figure stands approximately 9” tall and it is currently available via eBay here for $22.99 (approx. €20.52) plus shipping.

Sean Fifield – Prometheus – 7″ Deluxe Action Figure – $23.99 (approx. €21.42)
Sean Fifield – Prometheus – That’s right… zombies do exist in space…

AND what’s more scary than a horribly cunning Xenomorph, or a even more eerie and almost un-killable Neomorph? *Cue drum roll…*

That’s right, you probably guessed it… virtually nothing! 

OK, so the malignly mutated and zombified geologist Sean Fifield, wasn’t anywhere near as terrifying as the nightmarishly merciless and cunning Alien Covenant Alien creatures, yet he certainly added to the Prometheus prequel film’s fear factor!

This Deluxe 7″ action figure features over 25 points of articulation, and Sean Fifield comes with his helmet and flashlight as seen in the Prometheus movie!

Currently available via eBay here for $23.99 (approx. €21.42) plus shipping, this fast-selling zombified action figure features superb detail and excellent colour detail.


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