Lionbridge Voice Data Collection Projects

Global Services for Machine Intelligence (GSMI) at Lionbridge is dedicated to helping clients design, develop, implement, test, and improve language technology. No matter what the device, interface, or language, the goal is the same: natural human-machine interaction that talks to everyone.

Participants Required

Lionbridge GSMI are working on Voice Data Collection Projects that require the participation of native speakers of multiple languages (aged 18+). Most of  the tasks available can be done from home or any other quiet environment using an Android device or a computer/laptop of any brand with a stable internet connection.

You can always enquire about available tasks for your native language by sending your CV to: Please quote the referral code: 17598064 in the subject heading.

Global Services For Machine Intelligence
Native Estonians Needed

Lionbridge GSMI are currently looking for native Estonian speakers for an audio data collection project. The task can be done at home or any other quiet place using an Android device or any computer with a Chrome browser. The participant will be remunerated upon completion of the recordings.

To register for the task, click here: and quote the referral code: 17598064 in the “Additional comments” field.

For more information contact the recruitment team at Lionbridge GSMI here:

On-Site Project For Native French Speakers

If you are a native French speaker, aged 26 or above and from Toulouse, the following Lionbridge project may be for you!

Vous vivez à Toulouse et êtes âgés de plus de 26 ans ? Lionbridge recherche des locuteurs de français langue maternelle de différentes régions de France pour un projet de recherche linguistique.

Après avoir rempli un questionnaire, il vous suffira de vous rendre dans un local d’enregistrement à Toulouse pour lire et composer des phrases en français, pour une durée d’environ 1h30. La rémunération est très avantageuse.

Inscrivez-vous, dès MAINTENANT, ici :


We Will Keep You Updated

Don’t worry if you aren’t eligible for any projects right now. Lionbridge GSMI is constantly looking for people to participate in future projects. Get in touch today!

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