1999 Pokemon 1st Edition 103 Trading Card Set Charizard PSA Graded GEM MINT 10

The 1999 Pokemon 1st Edition 103 Trading Card Set, available from eBay here, is hugely symbolic. For many Millennials, the original 1999 Pokemon video/card games remain a staple of their childhood.

Old School Vibes

Remember trading cards at the lunch table with your friends or virtually via Gameboy’s connect cable? It quickly became apparent from the very beginning that Pokemon is not only special, but ingrained in the culture of an entire generation.

End Of An Era

For Millennials, Pokemon Trading Cards, signalled  the end of the tangible toy age and the beginning of the virtual age, as no other item became as popular or as connective as Pokemon Trading Cards did in the following years.

Pokemon Trading Cards
Pokemon Is More Popular Than Ever

Even more impressive is the fact that Pokemon remains popular today and, just like Star Wars, is arguably more popular now than ever. Both kids & adults can be found taking part in the many various games that the World of Pokemon offers.

Unprecedented Growth

In the World of collectibles & alternative investments, nothing has seen growth recently like the original first edition 1999 Pokemon cards, which even gained interest from highly accredited investors, such as Wall Street brokers & major corporate CEO’s.

Each And Every Card Meticulously Expected

Each & every card has been meticulously inspected by PSA with a perfect grade of GEM MINT 10. This ensures that buyers will only receive the highest quality products available on the market.

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