Wonder – The book That Inspired The Choose Kind Movement

Available via Amazon here, the bestselling book Wonder is a hard-hitting, beautifully written and inspiring book, which has taken the literary world by storm. Furthermore, this captivating novel has inspired a fantastic anti-bullying campaign that aims to improve the lives of bullied children everywhere.

“I won’t describe what I look like. Whatever you’re thinking, it’s probably worse.” – August Pullman

A New Perspective

The character of August Pullman is a loveable 10 year old who has a facial deformity. Wonder takes us on August’s difficult yet captivating childhood journey as he joins mainstream school after several sheltered years of homeschooling.

We the readers, look on in sympathetic helplessness as poor little August struggles with being shunned and avoided as some kind of social pariah… a feared monstrosity.

Through excellent storytelling and a clever plot, the narrative is told from the perspectives of the different main characters in the novel. We get to see what August’s friends, his sister and her boyfriend really think and feel when they interact with August and his unsightly appearance.

From Book To Motion Picture

Currently due for release as a film in the USA and beyond on November 17, 2017, this deeply thought-provoking book by the best selling author R. J. Palacio, has been turned into a major motion picture starring Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson and Jacob Tremblay, among others!

Wonder – A book turned motion picture
Over 5 Million Readers

Whilst many assume that Wonder is a book for children, many readers are in fact positively adults! Many of whom can deeply empathise with little August and the  other characters with their varying natural human emotions and reactions.

Wonder is packed with believable and realistic characters who react in different, naturally authentic ways, and inadvertently (or by careful design) help to ensure that the novel is an introspective, captivating and engaging read right through to the very end.

Over 5 million people have read this #1 New York Times bestseller and Texas Bluebonnet Award master list entry, and many have fallen in love with August Pullman – an ordinary boy with an extraordinary face.

Inspiration For Good

Perhaps the greatest aspect to this book is that Wonder has inspired a successful anti-bullying campaign called the Choose Kind Movement, which aims to improve the lives of bullied children everywhere. For more details, you can check out their social media here.

Currently available in hardcover from Amazon for $8.80 (and other formats are also available) via the button below, the engaging and deeply thought-provoking Wonder will tear at your heart strings and certainly captivate you right to the very last page!

“Wonder is the best kids’ book of the year,” – Emily Bazelon (author and senior editor at

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