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Exotic Fidget Spinners – Stress and Anxiety Reducing Toys

Ok people, it’s official… fidgeting is now both acceptable and desirable!

Many behavioural psychology experts have claimed that fidgeting can help to ease stress and anxiety, and especially in those with ADHD. Furthermore, several experts have also claimed that fidget toys can aid in reducing such anxiety and stress, as well as improve concentration in some circumstances! Currently, Zizo and Amazon are offering some unusual, exotic-looking fidget spinners and down below we’ve listed out a couple of our favourite picks!

Metallic Fidget Spinner – Zizo – $9.99
The Metallic Fidget Spinner – futuristic fidgety goodness!

The Metallic Fidget Spinner – Tri-Spinner Stress and Anxiety Reducer Toy is a fabulously futuristic looking fidget spinner that offers a super sleek twist on the more traditional spinner designs!

The Metallic Fidget Spinner is stronger and more durable than ever and it possesses a solid bearing in the middle for you to hold as you spin the wings of the toy.

Available from Zizo here for $9.99 (plus free U.S. shipping for any orders over $40 or more), this little beauty looks like it’s just come out of Batman’s utility belt and it’ll keep you happily twirling away for hours!

UFO Spinner – Fidget Spinner Toy – Amazon – $2.74* (normal price $8.95)
The UFO Spinner – all great fun until E.T. wants it back…

Did we mention futuristic?! Well, whilst the previous spinner definitely possesses the futuristic look, the best selling UFO Spinner – Fidget Spinner Toy looks both futuristic and full on intergalactic!

With average spin times of 3-5 minutes, this spinner toy possesses a durable stainless steel ball bearing and the body of the toy is made of a quality brass copper material.

Perfect for those with ADHD or those who just want a bit of respite from daily stress or boredom, the brightly coloured UFO Spinner – Fidget Spinner Toy is currently available on offer from Amazon here for $2.74* (down from $8.95).

*The normal price of this item is $8.95 but on occasion, the seller of this item has offered sales during which the price has been drastically lowered!

Fidget Spinner with Design – Zizo – $9.99
Fidget Spinner with Design – this one’s a wild one…

The Fidget Spinner with Design – Tri-Spinner Stress and Anxiety Reducer Toy may not be futuristic but it certainly is wild! 

With a leopard / tiger style colour scheme, this little beauty is great for keeping on your desk for a spot of instant boredom relief when you really need a time-out from your work!

The Fidget Spinner with Design is durable and sturdy and it’s small enough to slip into your pocket should you wish to take it with you and go fidgeting with it down your local coffee shop!

Available from Zizo here for $9.99 (plus free U.S. shipping for any orders over $40 or more) this little beauty possesses a wild vibe and it adds a bit of flare to the more traditional spinner designs.

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