Starbucks Drinkware Bestsellers!

Alright people! Forget your regular, boring coffee mugs, now’s the time to start drinking your favourite caffeinated beverage in style! Starbucks are currently offering some fantastic drink cups via their online store here. Furthermore, with a large variety of colourful, innovative designs on offer (and free shipping on orders of $50 or more), there’s sure to be something for all tastes. Below, we’ve picked out a few of their top best sellers, all of which shine in their own right!

Berry Stainless Steel Cold Cup –  $22.95
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Berry Stainless Steel Cold Cup

The Berry Stainless Steel Cold Cup possesses a beautifully vibrant colour scheme and the cup is specifically designed to hold cold beverages. This best seller is made using stainless steel and the cup features a double wall construction which helps to keep cold beverages cool for long periods of time.

Great for enjoying your drink when on the go, the cup possesses a 24 fl oz capacity and the cup also comes with a twist lid and a reusable plastic straw for good measure.

Available in its distinctive, vibrant berry colour for $22.95 at Starbucks here, the Berry Stainless Steel Cold Cup is a cool, little beauty which is just what you need to stay refreshed on those hot summer days!

STARBUCKS® Logo Cold Cup – $12.95
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STARBUCKS® Logo Cold Cup

The STARBUCKS® Logo Cold Cup is a true classic. Featuring a minimalistic, classic Starbucks colour pattern and a see-through design, this is the go-to cup for those who don’t like the more over-the-top designs.

This best seller is manufactured using BPA-free plastic, and like the previous cup, it comes with a twist on lid and a reusable plastic straw. The cup also possesses a double wall construction for enhanced insulation.

Currently on sale for $12.95 at Starbucks here, the STARBUCKS® Logo Cold Cup exemplifies the no frills and no spills ethos – which is just what you need when pausing for your daily refreshment!

Ember® Temperature Control Mug – $149.95
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Ember® Temperature Control Mug

Ah yes, there’s nothing quite like a good cup of coffee! On that note, the best selling Ember® Temperature Control Mug is a technologically advanced mug which is just what you need to keep your morning brew at optimum conditions.

Arguably the pièce de résistance of the Starbucks drinkware range, this impressive mug keeps your tea or coffee at the exact temperature that you want – for up to a whopping two hours when on the go, or all day when charging with the coaster!

This super-sleek mug possesses such innovative features as: a patented microprocessor controlled heating system, customisable options via an Ember® app, a push-to-open leak-proof 360° lid, a patented phase change cooling system, a hidden-until-lit display and a rotating temperature dial.

The Ember® Temperature Control Mug also possesses a high capacity battery, a charging coaster and most impressively – space-grade thermal insulation – for an enhanced insulation capability.

Currently on sale for $149.95 at Starbucks here, the Ember® Temperature Control Mug is perfect for busy professionals, or those who simply demand that their coffee stays hot just that little bit longer…

PS – If you’re looking for some more super-stylish – or conversely – no frills and no spills drinkware, you can check out Starbucks’ full drinkware collection via the button below!

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