12 Air Plant Terrarium Kit – Tillandsia Variety Pack & Fertilizer Bottle

Available from Amazon here, the number one best selling 12 Air Plant Terrarium Kit is a great, low-maintenance way to add a touch of natural beauty to your home or office environment! This fabulous kit provides a complete variety pack of beautiful   indoor plants which require only a moderate amount of sunlight. Furthermore, they don’t even need soil to grow!

A Large Variety Of Plants

The 12 Air Plant Terrarium Kit is essentially a great DIY nature-focused kit which brings the beauty of nature into your own home.

The kit includes 12 air plants from a wide assortment of species, each ranging from 2 to 8 inches in size, and each Tillandsia plant is hand selected for added quality control. The seller also includes several fast blooming species such as ‘Ionantha’ in every pack, so there is every chance that at least a few of your plants will begin to flourish rather rapidly!

The seller is also fully conscious of the fact that Tillandsia is fast becoming an endangered species in the wild, and because of this, the seller only sources Tillandsia from high tech greenhouses and not directly from the wild. In this way, you can be sure that any purchases from this seller are not harming the natural supply and precarious existence of these beautiful plants.

The 12 Air Plant Terrarium Kit – low-maintenance nature
Easy To Maintain

The beauty about the 12 Air Plant Terrarium Kit is that the plants are superbly easy to maintain. Air plants have evolved to absorb water and nutrients from the air, and this therefore, allows the plants to thrive even when suspended in the air, or when growing atop rocks, and driftwood.

These resilient air plants require only moderate light to survive, and they also only require watering about once a week.

Furthermore, as these little beauties thrive without soil, they are perfect for cages, glass containers and terrariums, just so long as there are holes or gaps that allow for plenty of air flow.

The SuperMoss (23310) Moss Mix goes very well with the 12 Air Plant Terrarium Kit 
Bonuses Included

Another great aspect to the 12 Air Plant Terrarium Kit is that it comes with a couple of nice additions which add extra value to the kit.

The kit comes with bonus plants, so that should you be unhappy with some of the plants you are sent, you immediately have a few extras included for added choice and added customer satisfaction.

The kit also comes with a small bottle of fertiliser to help your plants flourish and grow, so you won’t have to purchase any fertiliser separately.

On a side note, should you wish to fully max out your plant display, another great option is the number one best selling SuperMoss (23310) Moss Mix (pictured above) which is available for $9.99 + shipping from Amazon here.

This best selling SuperMoss mix is a long-lasting preserved moss which adds a great natural botanical element to any plant arrangement or botanical centrepiece, and as a result, the moss is especially great for filling out any existing plant displays.

Amazingly, the Tillandsia air plant thrives without soil
Live Guarantee

Another great aspect to the 12 Air Plant Terrarium Kit is that it comes with a ‘Healthy Live Arrival Guarantee.’

Essentially, this addition will ensure that your plants will arrive alive and healthy, as each order comes with a 100% live arrival guarantee. Also, free email support is also included.

Your Tillandsias will always be shipped directly from the seller’s high-tech indoor greenhouses, where they receive the very best care to ensure a healthy, beautiful plant. Also, the seller is currently promising to include at least one cluster which can be separated into smaller plants and as a result, you have more possibilities available in how you arrange your plant displays.

Available from Amazon via the button below, for $22.06 (with free delivery for certain locations), the 12 Air Plant Terrarium Kit is a fantastic way to add a touch of beautiful natural beauty to your home or office. The plants look especially captivating when set atop driftwood, natural-coloured gravel or river stones, so be sure to pick your plant placement carefully, for maximum impact!

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