Samsonite Torus Laptop Backpack

Available from Samsonite on discount sale here, the Samsonite Torus Laptop Backpack is a versatile, stylish and ergonomic laptop bag that is great for both day-to-day casual use or weekend business trips away!

Versatile & Practical

The Samsonite Torus Laptop Backpack features an adjustable smart sleeve that allows the laptop to fit snugly and securely inside the bag. Furthermore, and most importantly, the laptop bag provides cushioning to your laptop to help protect it from damage.

The bag also possesses a detachable laptop bag with fleecy fabric for enhanced protection. Significantly, the versatile, detachable laptop bag is especially handy for when you wish to transport your laptop around without having to carry the main laptop bag with you.

The Samsonite Torus Laptop Backpack also features side pockets for greater ease of access, and this feature is especially handy for storing and organising accessories when on the go.

The Samsonite Torus Laptop Backpack – both versatile & ergonomic

One of the best aspects to the Samsonite Torus Laptop Backpack is that it has been meticulously designed with ergonomics at the core of its design.

The bag’s ergonomic design provides strong back support, which is especially vital when carrying your laptop around on a regular basis.

The bag is also lightweight in construction (weighing it at approximately 2.6 lbs/1.2 kg) and the bag feels comfortable around the shoulders. This is due mainly to its cushioning, Polyester-construction shoulder straps which provide secure, balanced support to the shoulders when on the go.

Smart & Professional

The Samsonite Torus Laptop Backpack comes in both Grey and Navy colour options and the bag’s design is sleek and professional in appearance.

The bag offers practical utility with its various side pockets, laptop smart sleeve and overall ergonomic construction, whilst still managing to provide such functionality in a superbly smart, smooth and sleek outer design.

The bag features smooth contours, a compact silhouette and regardless of which colour option you choose – the colour scheme is dark and intrinsically professional in look. The bag also features the distinct Samsonite logo, discreetly displayed on the  main body of the bag.

Currently on discount sale at Samsonite for $99.99 (down from $140.00) via the button below, the Samsonite Torus Laptop Backpack is a versatile, ergonomic and stylish laptop bag which is great for those looking to transport a laptop around, securely and comfortably.

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