Leftek Security Camera Wireless Robot Baby Monitor

Available from Amazon here, the Leftek Security Camera Robot is a cute, little ‘space robot’ security camera which doubles up as a baby monitor to keep an eye on the little ones!

Home Surveillance

The Leftek Security Camera Robot looks like a cool, robot toy yet it provides the secure, discreet functionality of a 960p HD security camera!

This cute robot fits in inconspicuously in any child’s room whilst still providing security features like Night Vision, a Built-in IR Cut Filter and an Auto Switching function between Day and Night.

The Leftek Security Camera Robot – cute yet practical!
Motion Detection & Two-Way Audio

Another great feature of the Leftek Security Camera Robot is that the robot possesses motion detectors which, once triggered, can send an alarm message to your mobile device.

Also, any pictures subsequently taken by the robot will also be captured to memory cards as proof of the intrusion.

The robot also possesses two-way audio with a built-in speaker, as well as a high quality microphone. To activate this feature, one just has to press the intercom button on a linked mobile device and in this way, it is possible to converse via the robot!

The Leftek Security Camera Robot – offers motion detection & two-way audio 
Free-Pan Tilt Control

The Leftek Security Camera Robot possesses pan and tilt control with horizontal 355 degree angle capability and vertical 45 degree capability. As a result, the robot possesses a wide viewing range for maximum surveillance potential.

Another great feature is that the robot has smart APP remote control functionality via your mobile device, and as such, you don’t have to be in close proximity to the robot to utilise its impressive features. Another feature also, is that the robot possesses a user friendly ‘plug and play’ design, meaning that the robot is very easy to set up and use.

Significantly, the robot is supported by IOS, Android and Windows, meaning that the robot should be compatible with most home computer devices.

Currently on offer at Amazon via the button below for $108.99 (plus free shipping to certain locations), the Leftek Security Camera Robot makes for a super cute but viable security monitoring device!

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