NA-KD Summer List Of Things To Do

NA-KD has created a fantastic list of things to do this summer and we think you’ll love it.

1. Summer Brunch

Bring your camera and your bestie. No matter how late you hit the hay yesterday, now you can take it easy. Invite your friends out for brunch and immortalise the moment with your best camera.

2. Meet New Friends
Look at this cutie

It’s great meeting new people but meeting puppies is unbeatable! Nothing beats the pure pleasure you’ll feel when holding a little bundle of joy in your hands and letting it lick your face. You never know, you might even set up your own pet hotel!

3. Set Sails

Ever dreamed of owning your own boat? You can’t say you’ve enjoyed summer unless you have gathered the gang, donned your best swimwear and set sails for a destination with clear blue water, sandy beaches and palm trees. I don’t know about you but I’m picturing Hawaii at least.

4. Lovers Vacay

Show your loved one exactly ho much you love them and book a weekend break somewhere romantic. Go out for a fancy meal, hit the town for a few drinks and let yourselves go. A relaxing spa treatment wouldn’t be a bad idea either!

5. Chill With Your BFF

Your BFF deserves some quality chill time. Chill by the pool during the day and party it up at night. Don your coolest accessories and your best dress to really get into the mood. Your BFF won’t expect any less from you!

6. Ace Your Social Media

Whether your posing for a pic on Instagram or preparing a video for your YouTube channel, get out into the sun, rock your best clothes and do what you gotta do to reach your full potential. In the meantime, you might as well shop the latest NA-KD collection while you’re at it!

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