Inflatable Folding Sleeping Lazy Bag with Sunshade – Outdoor / Camping / Beach

Currently available from GeekBuying on a reduced price flash sale here, the Inflatable Folding Sleeping Lazy Bag is a comfortable, durable and waterproof inflatable lazy bag bed! The bed is great for chilling out at the beach or even simply for lazing about in the summer sun. Furthermore, with a sunshade and storage bag also included, it’s a very handy, fun bit of outdoor kit!

Soft & Comfy

The Inflatable Folding Sleeping Lazy Bag is perfect for backpacking, camping, chilling out at the beach, hiking, or simply lounging out in your own back yard!

This comfy, colourful lazy bag bed comes in variety of different colours and the soft, cushioning material provides a relaxing, outdoor lounging experience!

The integrated sunshade also provides protection against the glaring sun, so you can enjoy working on your tan, without having to put up with the sun shining directly into your eyes.

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Inflatable Folding Sleeping Lazy Bag
Durable & Waterproof

Constructed out of high quality dacron, the Inflatable Folding Sleeping Lazy Bag is durable enough to survive considerable use out in the great outdoors.

This super comfy lazy bag bed is also fully waterproof, so you won’t need to pack it up just because of a spot of rain! Furthermore, when fully inflated, the lazy bag can be used during casual water sports. So, should you find a nice, little, family-friendly beach somewhere, you may just want to give the lazy bag its maiden voyage!

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Inflatable Folding Sleeping Lazy Bag
Storage Bag Included

The Inflatable Folding Sleeping Lazy Bag possesses a folding design with a double-layer storage bag for added convenience and versatility. Also, the storage bag can be used as a pillow which adds a touch of luxury to your lounging experience!

In terms of portability, the whole lazy bag bed itself is 245cm x 72cm in dimensions and it  weighs only 0.9kg (approx. 2 lbs), which makes it light and portable enough to carry virtually anywhere.

Best of all, whilst the Inflatable Folding Sleeping Lazy Bag is designed for one person, it can also support up to two people at once (max 200kg / approx. 441 lbs), so you can huddle up with a companion, should you wish!

Air Pump Not Required

One of the best parts to the Inflatable Folding Sleeping Lazy Bag is that you don’t need a pump to inflate the bed!

To inflate the lazy bag, first you take the sleeping bag out from its storage bag. Secondly, you just have to shake the bag against the wind and then the air flow will automatically fill the lazy bag up with air! Thirdly, once the bag is sufficiently puffed up, you just have to roll the seal and button it up!

Currently available from GeekBuying on a reduced price, short-term flash sale via the button below, the Inflatable Folding Sleeping Lazy Bag is currently priced at $36.99 (down from a regular retail price of $69.99). All in all, the lazy bag is great for camping trips, lazy beach afternoons or general, outdoor relaxing and the fact that it doesn’t require an air pump is a particularly nice feature!

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