PetSmart Sale: Best Selling Dog Crates

Whilst dog crates may not initially look like the most homely environment for your precious pup, many expert dog trainers believe that a dog crate is a great training tool for your pet. Furthermore, at the very least, a crate provides a great, high-visibility, easy to clean and secure transportation and housing environment for your precious pet and most pups end up falling in love with their cosy, little den! At the moment, PetSmart have some great crate and carrier options available on sale here and below, we’ve picked out some of our favourite crate best sellers!

Top Paw® Double Door Wire Dog Crate – $69.99
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Top Paw® Double Door Wire Dog Crate

The Top Paw® Double Door Wire Dog Crate is an excellent permanent home for your lovable, growing puppies.

An integrated divider panel allows you to adjust the length of the living area as your puppy grows into its adult size home and the crate itself is easy to set up and fold up into a portable size (with no tools necessary!).

The crate includes an impressive MAXLock® Door System which provides enhanced locking security by providing multiple lock points around the perimeter of the door. Furthermore, the door can be easily and conveniently operated in one motion via the locking handle, which does not require you to kneel or bend down to open the door.

Available from PetSmart here for $69.99 (down from $154.99), the Top Paw® Double Door Wire Dog Crate is great for those who like to take their dogs with them when travelling and it is also great for providing a safe and secure environment for your pet when at home.

Majestic Pet Double Door Dog Crate – $76.35
Majestic Pet Double Door Dog Crate

The Majestic Pet Double Door Dog Crate offers a high quality, well ventilated and easy-to-clean environment for your dog.

The crate’s frame is constructed with a durable wire material with a quality black colour finish and this best seller provides a great way to crate train your dog. A method, that is, which many experts claim is beneficial in cultivating a healthy pet-owner relationship.

With this product, it is recommended to determine your dogs potential full grown adult size and then choose a crate that will be 4″ inches taller than the top of head and 4″ inches longer than your dog from nose to tail.

Available from PetSmart here for $76.35 (down from $139.99), the Majestic Pet Double Door Dog Crate is a well-made, well-ventilated & easy to clean dog crate which has already proved to be a popular purchase at PetSmart.

Grreat Choice® Wire Dog Crate – $29.99
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Grreat Choice® Wire Dog Crate

The Grreat Choice® Wire Dog Crate comes in a crisp Black epoxy finish, and the door is equipped with slide bolt latches for dependable security. The crate also comes with a matching black ABS plastic pan which is held in the home by the door.

The Grreat Choice® Wire Dog Crate gives your dog or puppy a place to feel safe and secure and this cozy, little den provides good ventilation with essential visibility to your pet.

Currently available at PetSmart here for $29.99 (down from $69.99) the Grreat Choice® Wire Dog Crate provides a well made, sturdy yet budget-friendly option for housing your precious pet.

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