Amazon Dash Button

Dash Button devices, available from Amazon here, are WiFi-connected devices to place in your kitchen, pantry, or anywhere in your home where you use your favourite Prime-eligible products. Simply press the button to reorder products from Amazon when you’re running low, and your products will be on their way!

Digital Dash Button and Dash Button Devices
Dash Buttons
Virtual Dash Buttons

Virtual Dash Buttons are shortcuts to quickly finding and reordering your favourite products on Amazon’s mobile app and website. Virtual Dash Buttons are available for tens of millions of products that ship with Prime, and they’re free, so you can add as many as you want.

Dash Button devices and virtual Dash Buttons are exclusive to Prime members, and Dash Button orders always ship quickly and free of charge via Prime shipping.

How It Works
How it works at home
What Is A Dash Button?

A Dash Button is a small wireless device about the size of a pack of gum. Press the button and the device uses Wi-Fi to instantly order items you have pre-selected from Amazon.

How Much Does A Dash Button Cost?

You can purchase a Dash Button for $4.99 and get $4.99 instant credit after your first press. View account credit terms and conditions on Amazon here.

Dash Buttons
Dash Buttons

Dash Button
Many uses
Where Do people Use Their Dash Buttons?

Most people mount their buttons in their kitchen, pantry, laundry room, and bathroom using the attached adhesive strip on the back of the device or hang the button using the included plastic clip.

What If An Accidental Order Is Placed?

With order protection, Dash Button will not place a new order until your prior order is delivered—regardless of how many times Dash Button is pressed. In addition, you will receive an order notification (if enabled) for every order placed, allowing you to cancel an order before it ships.

How Do I Choose The Brands And Products I Want To Order Using The Dash Button?

Purchase a Dash Button on Amazon from here, for each of your favourite brands–Tide, Bounty, Gatorade and more. Then, at home, set-up your buttons using the Amazon App and select the specific products that you want to order when you press the button. You can change your product selection at any time.

What you need. When you need it.
What you need, when you need it



How Much Do Products Cost When Ordered Through The Dash Button?

Prices are the same everywhere. Whether you order through the Amazon website, mobile app or your Dash Button, you pay the same everyday low price.

What Happens After I Press The Button?

A light on the button will turn green if your order was successfully placed or red if there was an error. You will also receive an order notification on your phone (if enabled). Orders always ship fast and free via Prime shipping. You can check your order status at any time through the Amazon App.

What is Dash Wand?

Dash Wand is a Wi-Fi enabled kitchen assistant that helps you shop for groceries and millions of everyday essentials on Amazon. Say an item or scan a barcode and it’s added to your shopping cart.

Now with Alexa, Dash Wand helps you find recipes, convert cups to ounces, find nearby restaurants, control smart home devices and more. Products are added to your Amazon cart, creating your digital grocery list. Dash Wand costs $20 and you’ll get $20 off your next purchase after you register the device. Learn more.

What Are The Virtual Dash Buttons?

Virtual Dash Buttons are digital shortcuts that allow you to reorder your favourite products on Amazon. You can create, organise, and delete virtual Dash Buttons for tens of millions of products that are available through Amazon Prime. Amazon will also automatically create virtual Dash Buttons for eligible products you have ordered in the past. You can order products using virtual Dash Buttons on Amazon here.

Dash Button Details
1. Order Button

This is where you’ll place an order.

2. Removable Hook

Dash Button comes with a reusable adhesive and a removable hook to hang, stick, or place Dash Button right where you need it.


Once Dash Button is pressed, this indicator will turn green when an order is successfully placed or red if the order was unsuccessful. All order statuses can be checked through the Amazon App.

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