Lionbridge Voice Data Collection Projects For Punjabi And Seychellois Creole

Global Services for Machine Intelligence (GSMI) at Lionbridge is dedicated to helping clients design, develop, implement, test, and improve language technology. No matter what the device, interface, or language, the goal is the same: natural human-machine interaction that talks to everyone.

Punjabi Speakers Needed
Global Services For Machine Intelligence

Lionbridge GSMI are currently looking for native Punjabi speakers for an Voice Data Research project. The task can be done at home or any other quiet place using an Android device or any computer with a Chrome browser. The participant will be remunerated upon completion of the recordings.

To register for the task, click here: and quote the referral code: WM17598064 in the “Additional comments” field.

For more information contact the recruitment team at Lionbridge GSMI here:

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Seychellois Creole

Lionbridge are working on a Creative Writing Project that requires the participation of speakers of Seychellois Creole.

Project Information:

  • Requirement: Speaker of Seychellois Creole with access to stable Internet connection.
  • Estimated start date: As soon as possible.
  • Task description: Create written responses to a set of questions that we will provide. The responses have to be grammatically correct and must contain at least 6 words.
    Workload: flexible, preferably 15 hours per week. Estimated throughput is 120-150 sentences per hour.
  • Location: Flexible, the worker can be located anywhere as long as they have access to a computer with a stable Internet connection.

This project will take place through the Work Market platform, if you are interested in cooperating with Lionbridge, please do join them directly on Work Market by following this link:

Please accept the SLA Agreement: This agreement can be found at the top right corner of the group page (press the Apply button)

“Master Service Level Agreement” will pop up, after the “Apply” button is clicked, please scroll down to the bottom and accept it.

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