Mountain House Best Sellers Kit – Freeze Dried Emergency Food For Survival & Camping

Currently available via eBay here, the Mountain House Best Sellers Kit is just what you need when disaster strikes! This nutritious food supply makes for either a great emergency home survival kit or a nutritious food supply when camping or backpacking. With a long-lasting life span, a delicious taste and a touch of impressive history behind the Mountain House brand, the Mountain House Best Sellers Kit provides you with the fuel for any situation!

Fit For Adventure

Whilst the Mountain House Best Sellers Kit is great as an emergency home survival pack, the kit is also well suited to camping and hiking adventures!

Each kit includes Mountain House’s best selling freeze dried meals. Individual entrees / serving sizes (prepared) are:

Beef Stew (20 oz)
Beef Stroganoff (20 oz)
Chicken Teriyaki (20 oz)
Lasagna w/ meat (20 oz)

Individual breakfast and dessert serving sizes (prepared) are:

Scrambled eggs w/ham (8 oz)
Raspberry Crumble (16 oz)

The Mountain House Best Sellers Kit – great for emergency preparedness
Long Lasting Preparedness

Mountain House® freeze dried foods are award winning meals and the Mountain House Best Sellers Kit offers shelf stable, great tasting and nutritionally balanced meals which are easy to prepare and long-lasting.

The food kit comes with a 7 year shelf life from the date of manufacture and no cooking is necessary. To prepare, simply add hot water to meals and then let stand for 10 minutes before eating.

In an extreme emergency and if hot water is not available, cold water can be used to prepare Mountain House® products.

On a side note, if you are on a tight budget, other budget-friendly Mountain House meal kits are also available. One such option is the Mountain House Freeze Dried 6 Food Pouches – Breakfast Skillet – Pro-Pak available on eBay here. Currently on sale for $45.00 (approx. €38.16) this compact pack provides delicious breakfast classics such as Hash browns, pork patties and scrambled eggs and each Pro-Pak is vacuum sealed for compactness!

The Mountain House Best Sellers Kit – offers both taste & nutrition
Battle Forged Meals

Impressively, the long-established Mountain House brand traces its roots back to meals that were prepared for the United States Special Forces!

During the Vietnam War, the US military put out a request for food that tasted better, weighed less and lasted longer than the old K and C rations. Mountain House’s parent company (OFD Foods, LLC) responded to this request and ended up winning a contract with the military.

The company went on to make freeze dried ‘Long Range Patrol’ rations for the military and they have been supplying the US Special Forces and other military branches ever since.

Furthermore, as the Vietnam War began to wind down, the company began to realise the great civilian consumer demand for great tasting, easy to prepare freeze dried food and from this, Mountain House was born!

Currently available from eBay for $75.99 (approx. €64.44) via the button below, the Mountain House Best Sellers Kit offers great tasting, long-lasting, survival-fit food for both those who love to adventure and those who love to prepare!

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