TiVo BOLT+ 3TB DVR Media Player – 4K UHD Compatible – Works with Cable

Currently available at eBay here, the TiVo BOLT+ 3TB DVR Media Player is a box that’s built to entertain! This little beauty replaces your existing cable equipment and it delivers all your cable channels and integrates your streaming content into a single, unified experience. With ad-skipping features, a built-in QuickMode function and a host of other great features, this little gadget makes home entertainment a lot more hassle-free!

Watch ‘Em Later!

The TiVo BOLT+ 3TB DVR Media Player requires a subscription to the TiVo service with plans as low as $14.99/month plus tax. With the plan, however, you gain access to superb 4K UHD content and the device is fully 4K Ultra-High-Definition compatible right out of the box.

The TiVo BOLT+ 3TB DVR Media Player can also record up to 450 hours of HD programming via its whopping 3 terabytes of recording capacity. As a result, the device is great for when you want to record programs or TV shows and watch them later on.

One of the best aspects to the device is that your favourite streaming apps are fully integrated: No more switching inputs, remotes or devices. The device can access Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video, Hulu, VUDU, HBO GO, Pandora and more, from one, integrated experience.

The TiVo BOLT+ 3TB DVR Media Player – features an ad-skipping feature
Can’t Stand Adverts?

The TiVo BOLT+ 3TB DVR Media Player which is also available via Amazon here, possesses an excellent time-saving SkipMode feature.

SkipMode allows you to watch your recorded shows without any commercials, as you can skip them at the press of a button.

TiVo’s exclusive SkipMode allows for a smoother, interruption-free TV-watching experience, as jumping past entire commercial breaks and skipping back to your show in an instant, makes viewing recorded shows even more relaxing!

The TiVo BOLT+ 3TB DVR Media Player – watch recorded shows up to 30% faster!
View Shows Faster

Life is short, hectic and busy, so that’s where the TiVo BOLT+ 3TB DVR Media Player’s QuickMode comes in.

With QuickMode, the device allows you to watch any recorded shows up to 30% faster – without the audio getting all messed up and squirrely!

QuickMode’s pitch-corrected audio lets you comfortably speed through slow-moving programs like news, sports and those terribly overly-long award shows!

Currently available at eBay for $469.99 (approx. €401.07), the TiVo BOLT+ 3TB DVR Media Player offers excellent time-saving features, streaming integration and a huge storage capacity for convenient, hassle-free TV-watching!

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