HP ENVY Curved 34 (b011) All-in-One

Available from Microsoft here, the HP ENVY Curved 34 (b011) All-in-One is a powerful HP Signature Edition PC which boasts a superb screen and versatile, immense power. This stunning PC’s top features include: a massive, curved micro-edge display, a powerful 7th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, a superb sound system, a meticulously configured PC setup with world-class security software, and the powerful Windows 10 operating system to boot. For a workhorse of a machine – look no further!

Top Class Display

The screen of the HP ENVY Curved 34 (b011) All-in-One possesses an ultra-wide QHD resolution of 3440 x 1440 and as a result, the screen is able to display razor-sharp clarity and superb definition.

With 3.7 million pixels, the massive, curved screen displays superb picture clarity in addition to a barely visible bezel with a panoramic view from any position, thus resulting in superb, true-to-life imagery.

HP ENVY Curved 34 (b011) All-in-One – ultra-wide goodness
Intel For The Win

The HP ENVY Curved 34 (b011) All-in-One features a powerful 7th Gen Intel Core i7 processor which results in a computer which provides exceptional power and performance for all your daily computing needs.

The 7th Gen Intel Core i7 processor delivers the most responsive performance to date, and it also includes 4K resolution support and built-in security features.

Great Graphics

The HP ENVY Curved 34 (b011) All-in-One possesses high quality, gaming-optimised graphics via its AMD Radeon RX 460 graphics card.

This powerful component allows the PC to deliver incredibly smooth, low-latency gaming at virtually any frame rate, thus providing exceptional performance for the latest games.2aaaaa.jpg

Bang & Olufsen Audio

The HP ENVY Curved 34 (b011) All-in-One delivers superb sound quality from its integrated Bang & Olufsen, quad front-facing speakers.

With these pc speakers from the audio pioneers Bang & Olufsen, you can enjoy sound quality with an immersive sound experience with heightened clarity and deep bass.

HP ENVY Curved 34 (b011) All-in-One – includes great support
Powered By Windows

The HP ENVY Curved 34 (b011) All-in-One supports the powerful and versatile Windows 10 operating system which provides endless possibilities for work and play. You can be productive with Office, Skype with friends, watch movies and play games with Xbox or get back to business by accessing your important files anywhere with OneDrive.

The HP ENVY Curved 34 (b011) All-in-One also possesses excellent support from ‘Answer Desk’, whereby you can enjoy worry-free tech support and assistance from the experts!

Another impressive feature is that the PC comes with an innovative ‘Windows Hello’ facial-recognition feature which utilises the PC’s infrared camera sensor to sign you in with just a look – so you won’t need to type in that long log-in password any longer!

Currently available at Microsoft via the button below for $1,999.00 (with free shipping and returns), the HP ENVY Curved 34 (b011) All-in-One offers superb power and versatility with excellent hardware and software included. This PC is equally great for home or business!

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