PetSmart Charities – Hurricane Harvey Aid & More

We here at BSPN, are secretly massive animal lovers and we wanted to take a moment to pause from our daily product-focused blog to highlight more of a charitable cause that has come to prominence over the last week.

As has been extensively reported in the news immensely powerful Hurricane Harvey recently hit the U.S. hard, causing devastation especially in Houston and beyond. Countless lives have been thrown into turmoil, and tragically, in many cases, lost completely.

During natural disasters, whilst human lives of course take precedence above all else, it is also easy to forget that animals and pets often suffer horrendously too.

Thankfully, that’s where organisations such as PetSmart Charities come in ( Charitable work for animals is especially vital now that charitable resources are being strained due to the disaster but more generally, PetSmart Charities also do great charitable work for animals, all year round, year in and year out.

If you wish to donate to PetSmart Charities, or if you wish to help in some other way (such as by adopting an abandoned animal!) PetSmart Charities are currently engaged in many different charitable ventures, all of which are explained in further detail on their website, here. Some of PetSmart Charities’ current charitable ventures include:

Hurricane Help for Pets in Need

PetSmart Charities has thus far allocated three truckloads of donated pet food and supplies and at least $1 million in funding to help pets and pet owners impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

Furthermore, PetSmart Charities also runs a donations page for helping victims of natural and man-made disasters in general, which you can access over at their site here.

Thus far, in terms of general disaster relief, more than 12 million dollars has gone to help those in need of emergency care across the U.S. and Canada. Any contributions made to PetSmart Charities via their donations page will help provide food, shelter & supplies to pets in need.

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PetSmart Charities – helping pets and pet owners affected by disasters
Save a Life – Adopt a Pet!

PetSmart Charities also bring awareness to animal adoption events and adoption centres across the US. Every year, there is an estimated 7 million pets who do not have homes with nearly 3 million of these pets having to be euthanised because there simply aren’t enough homes!

Every year, pets are cruelly abandoned and left to survive in a cold, harsh world… all alone. If you have the financial means and a stable home for a pet, adoption can literally save the life of an abandoned animal.

Conditions vary from adoption centre to adoption centre but in most cases both cats and dogs are available for adoption and you can find out more via PetSmart Charities’ pet adoption page here.

Preventing Unplanned Litters!

Significantly, PetSmart Charities brings crucial awareness to the problem of pet over-breeding via their ‘preventing unplanned litters’ information page here. Many pets are abandoned every year simply because the owners can’t cope with the huge litter of babies that un-neutered animals often produce!

Preventing un-planned litters by getting your new pet spayed or neutered as soon as possible, is the first step to alleviating the problem before it even occurs.

Furthermore, many argue that adopting a loving cat or dog is a great first step to owning a pet and enriching the pet’s life, yet getting them spayed or neutered is also a highly recommended (yet often over-looked) step when it comes to becoming a socially responsible pet owner.

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PetSmart Charities work hard both on and off the net to help in anyway they can
But Who Are PetSmart Charities?

PetSmart Charities are essentially a group of animal lovers who are committed to ending pet homelessness. They also do a lot to help victims of both natural and man-made disasters.

PetSmart Charities have already found loving, life-long homes for more than 7 million pets and overtime, their goal is to invest in more than 3,000 animal welfare groups across North America.

Any Help Is Greatly Appreciated

In summary, if you are an animal lover, or if you are simply a kind soul willing to help out,  you can donate to PetSmart Charities via their donations page here, or if you wish to help them out in some other way, please check out their website homepage for more information and contribution possibilities:

*DISCLAIMER* – Please note, that we here at BSPN do have an affiliate marketing relationship with PetSmart (the pet store) but we are in no-way affiliated in anyway to PetSmart Charities, so any donations or contributions that you make to them do not benefit us or our site in anyway, shape or form. This blog post is simply to bring attention to a very honourable, charitable cause.

PS – Good luck and prayers to anyone (pets included) who have been negatively affected by the recent Hurricane Harvey, and here’s to wishing you a swift recovery from this tragic event! –  The BSPN team.