Announcing BTC Mining Early Bird Pre-sale!

Genesis Mining have received a huge amount of inquiries regarding the availability of Bitcoin Mining Plans and we have good news: The expected date for offering Bitcoin mining hashpower is the 31st of October 2017! Since that’s still a few weeks away, Genesis Mining are offering Early Bird plans to those of you who are eager to get on board. Please note that their supply is limited.

Secure Your Hashpower Now!

To secure your hashpower now, use the promo code 4bY6sc to get your 3% discount when you sign up here.

Regular Payouts Have Resumed

We’re also happy to announce that Genesis Mining have returned to the regular daily payout schedule. In a rapidly evolving industry it sometimes seems like unexpected challenges are unavoidable. It’s the goal of Genesis Mining to engage any challenges with grit and ingenuity and to continue proving that they are the best hashpower provider in the world.

IT And Customer Service At Your Disposal

Some customers are still missing Monero, Ethereum and balanced credit card payouts, and Genesis Mining’s IT and Customer Service teams are working very hard to process them as soon as possible.

You can read the following blog post which explains these specific delays in more detail:

Improved Overall Service And User Experience

In the meantime, Genesis Mining are working to improve their overall service and user experience while their mining team is ramping up new hashpower for Bitcoin, Litecoin & Dash.

Contract Terms Are Stable

Quite a few customers have had experiences with competitors turning to unpopular practices like changing contract terms mid contract, or adjusting prices. Genesis Mining do not have and will never add abusive clauses to their contracts. Genesis Mining is working on a long term strategy, and therefore their prices are not based on opportunity.

Your contract will run for as long as it is profitable, and under the terms initially agreed on!

On another note Genesis Mining are also considering adding Bitcoin Cash to their portfolio and will update you on the overall progress soon.

Remember to use the promo code 4bY6sc to get your 3% discount when you sign up here!

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