FragranceNet – Discount Fragrances (Men’s Selection)

Alright people! FragranceNet currently have some great discounts available on their impressively large range of perfumes, aftershaves and colognes – so now is a great time to check them out! You can check out their full range of discount fragrances here, however, this time around, we’re focussing on fragrances for the gents. Down below, we’ve picked out some of our top picks and these are just a handful of many which are currently on discount, flash sale!

Burberry Touch – 49% off!
Burberry Touch by Burberry

With a short term flash sale of up to 49% off, the Burberry Touch eau de toilette by Burberry offers a clean, fresh scent for the gents – a scent which is subtle yet sure to turn heads!

With top notes of violet leaf, artemisia and mandarin orange, this floral, fresh, citrusy scent draws attention and is particularly suited for daytime use.

The zesty Burberry Touch possesses a nutmeg heart note that adds a touch of warmth and spiciness to the fragrance and a white musk base note is especially characterful.

Currently on offer at FragranceNet here for a short term flash sale price of $37.99 or $26.59 with coupon (with a usual retail price of $75.00), this stunning 3.3 oz medley of scents would do great as a gift or individual purchase.

Eternity – 48% off!
Eternity by Calvin Klein

Ah yes… the magnificent Calvin Klein Eternity

With a current flash sale discount of 48% off, the Eternity fragrance combines top notes of juicy mandarin orange and fresh lavender for an uplifting vibe, and the fragrance is particularly well suited to a man with a softer side.

In addition, Spicy Coriander mingled with lily provides an intoxicating blend that leads beautifully onto warm, earthy, rich sandalwood notes.

Currently on offer at FragranceNet here for a short term 48% off flash sale price of $37.99 or $26.59 with coupon (with a usual retail price of $74.00), this uplifting 3.4 oz scent is a classic fragrance originally introduced in 1990 by the fragrance design house of Calvin Klein – and the fragrance remains legendary to this day!

Cool Water – 57% off!
Cool Water by Davidoff

If you are a gentleman looking for a refreshing scent to add a touch of class to your style, then look no further!

The Cool Water eau de toilette by Davidoff offers a tempting blend of mannish notes to refresh the senses, yet the fragrance is still refreshingly light and watery in scent.

Suitable for everyday wear, Cool Water includes sea water and mint to provide an exciting open with mellows to a central sandalwood core for an exuberant, exotic twang!

With a base of Tobacco and Cedar, the scent offers a beautifully smoky, woodsy, naturesque finish that still manages to remain memorably masculine.

Currently on offer at FragranceNet here for a short term 57% off flash sale price of $29.99 or $20.99 with coupon (with a usual retail price of $70.50), this classic 4.2 oz men’s fragrance was originally introduced by Davidoff all the way back in 1988 – and it’s still popular to this day!

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