iPhone X – Super Retina Display, Facial ID, Bezel-less Screen & More!

OK people, the hype is real. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few days, you’ve no doubt heard that Apple have announced a new iPhone in celebration of the ten years that have passed since the very first iPhone was launched. Available from Apple in the very near future here, this futuristic masterpiece is appropriately named – the iPhone X. 

Pronounced as iPhone 10, as in the Roman numeral version of the letter (not simply the letter X), this new version of the iPhone comes with features straight out of the future. Whilst Apple have also announced another sequel to the iPhone – the iPhone 8 – it is the iPhone X which is stealing the show as the new flagship iPhone model. Available to Pre-order on the 10.27.17 and for physical purchase on the 11.3.17, the new iPhone X comes with a hefty price tag, yet without a doubt it is a technological marvel and a true beauty to behold…

iPhone X – the bezel-free screen looks particularly stunning
Future Tech. Now.

The iPhone X comes with some of the best technology ever to be found thus far in a mobile phone. With Face ID for instance, your face can now be used to unlock and authenticate your phone – so gone are the days of unlock touch buttons and unlock passwords! Furthermore, you can even use Face ID with Apple Pay for a fast, secure payment check out – at a glance!

The display of the iPhone X employs new technology and techniques to allow the screen to follow the curves of the design all the way to the smooth, rounded corners. Also, you can utilise intuitive gestures to navigate naturally and effortlessly through your device, such as to ‘home’ via swiping instead of having to press buttons.

Significantly, the iPhone X possesses superhuman intelligence through it’s A11 Bionic chip which possesses a neural engine capable of up to 600 billion operations per second!

The A11 Bionic chip also powers extraordinary augmented reality experiences in apps and games and the phone itself also possesses an advanced custom battery design that lasts up to two hours longer between charges than the iPhone 7.

One of the best technological advances of the iPhone X, however, is that the phone does not require a charging cable and it charges wirelessly. To be fair, that’s pretty cool…

iPhone X – the Super Retina Screen is more superb than ever
Super Retina Screen

If screens are anything to go by, the iPhone X is hard to beat. With this device, the display is an all-new 5.8-inch Super Retina Screen that provides a spectacular, immersive experience.

The phone also possesses an OLED screen with accurate colours, high brightness, true blacks and a 1,000,000 to 1 contrast ratio.

If you’re like most of us and you happen to drop your phone on an all-too-frequent basis then the iPhone X’s toughened screen should help to provide some peace of mind. Whilst the screen is certainly not invincible, it is however, the most durable glass ever in a smartphone, both front and back.

Significantly, the iPhone X is both water and dust resistant and the body of the phone is constructed using surgical-grade stainless steel. As a result, as for phone toughness – the iPhone X is one tough cookie.

iPhone X – possesses toughened glass as well as water and dust resistance
TrueDepth Camera

Many commentators point out that with the rise of the smartphone comes the gradual demise of the stand-alone camera – and with phones like the iPhone X on the way – who can argue with them?!

The iPhone X features some of the most sophisticated technology that Apple have ever developed, and the TrueDepth camera is right up there with Apple’s top developments.

With superb picture taking quality and the ability to analyse more that 50 different muscle movements in your face, the TrueDepth camera can do anything from take superb quality footage all the way onto analysing your facial expressions and morphing you into a panda, pig or robot in 12 Animoji!

With its Dual 12MP Cameras and a larger faster 12MP sensor, deeper pixels, stable optical zoom and a new colour filter, the iPhone X offers the best photo and video capture technology ever to have been developed in an iPhone.

Soon to be available to Pre-order from Apple on the 10.27.17 and for physical purchase on the 11.3.17 from a price starting at $999, the iPhone X is an impressive tribute to 10 years of the iPhone. Furthermore, this phone is without a doubt one of the most technologically advanced phones ever to have graced the planet!

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