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Zizo Static Case For iPhone X – Military Grade Drop Tested + Built In Kickstand

Available from Zizo here, the Zizo Static Case For iPhone X is a tough, drop-tested phone case which possesses a slim, stylish profile combined with impressive protection from everyday, daily drop hazards. In addition, the case also includes a kickstand for added no-hands viewing functionality.

Cutting-Edge Design

The Zizo Static Case For iPhone X has been meticulously yet minimalistically engineered to provide the best user experience, yet doing so without compromising on protection.

It is worth pointing out also, that the Zizo Static Case is also available for other phones such as for the iPhone 7, iPhone 8, or other phones such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 here.

The case possesses a tight mold with a dual-layered TPU and polycarbonate construction. In this way the case provides both a slim, mean-looking profile whilst still delivering in terms of providing exceptional drop protection.

Zizo Static Case For iPhone X – mean looking and hard
Hard As Nails?

As is to be expected from a Zizo phone case, the Zizo Static Case For iPhone X has been military standard 810G drop test certified and with that being said, it is certainly adventure proof!

In layman’s terms, the case has passed extraneous product tests to guarantee protection for your phone and as a result, the case will provide more than enough protection for regular daily use.

In terms of the methodology behind the case’s design, the Zizo Static Case For iPhone X has been designed with shock absorption at the core of the design. Effectively, the case protects the phone by effectively implementing impact dispersion technology which results in energy being dispersed upon impact rather than remaining highly concentrated on one narrow area on your phone.

Zizo Static Case For iPhone X – comes in a variety of cool colours
Adventurous Yet Practical

The Zizo Static Case For iPhone X comes in several adventurous colour schemes, and in terms of the case construction, the design integrates practical functionality in with its stylish look. Most significantly, the case possesses an integrated strategically placed kickstand which allows you to watch movies, hands-free via either landscape or portrait mode.

Another useful yet vital attribute to the case is that it possesses easy access to all of the phone ports, as the case possesses precise cuts in the body to allow for unhindered access.

Currently available via Zizo, via the button below for $29.99 (down from $60.99), the Zizo Static Case For iPhone X offers an aggressive-look case design combined with hardened drop and scratch resistant protection for that all-too-important quality, precious, new iPhone protection!

PS – You can check out Zizo’s full phone case collection over at their site here!

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