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Garmin epix Full Color Mapping GPS and GLONASS Navigation Watch

Available from eBay here, the Garmin epix Navigation Watch possesses excellent navigation, fitness and smart notification technology all combined into a rugged, little watch. If map-reading, exploration and outdoor navigation is your cup of tea, then this little beauty may just be what you never knew you needed!

Navigation Pro

The Garmin epix Navigation Watch is packed full of tech to give you the tools you need when out trekking or exploring!

The epix touchscreen gives you fingertip pan/swipe access to detailed, vivid maps, including the built-in worldwide shaded relief basemaps. The watch also possesses ample 8GB internal memory and extensive mapping support, which allows you lots of room to add more maps such as BirdsEye Satellite Imagery, TOPO 24K, City Navigator® and BlueChart® g2 maps.

Significantly, the Garmin epix Navigation Watch possesses EXO antenna technology for better GPS signal strength and epix uses HotFix® to access both GPS and GLONASS satellites for noticeably quicker positioning than GPS alone.  Once the fix is made, you have access to a full menu of navigation features such as advanced track recording, track navigation, coordinate navigation and more!

Garmin epix Navigation Watch – fit for the Great Outdoors!
Smart Technology

Whilst map reading is this watch’s true forte, the watch also possesses impressive tech when it comes to notifications.

The Garmin epix Navigation Watch is able to display smart notifications from your compatible bluetooth device (such as iPhone 4S or later and most bluetooth capable Android phones) which can come in very useful when outdoors.

Significantly, the watch uses the Connect IQ platform for specialized software and this allows you to personalise your watch with custom widgets, data fields and unique watch faces.

With LiveTrack, others can track where you are (within a coverage area) through Garmin Connect on your smartphone, and this is a particularly nice function as you can more easily to stay connected to others when out trekking.

Garmin epix Navigation Watch – great for map reading
Fitness & Adventure

When it come to fitness training, the Garmin epix Navigation Watch provides you with fast and easy access to fitness training sets, helping you get ready for your next one.

When it comes to general outdoor adventuring, however, the watch possesses a rugged design with a mineral glass lens and tough PVD-coated surfaces for enhanced durability. The watch is designed to survive some of the roughest conditions you’ll ever encounter and it is an auto-calibrated timepiece which is designed to help you navigate successfully from point A to B.

The watch possesses auto-calibrating ABC sensors to provide relevant real-time information and the device possesses a 3-axis electronic compass to help you keep your bearings. Furthermore, the watch comes with both a built-in altimeter and barometer which are designed to provide you with elevation and weather data, respectively.

Currently on offer at eBay via the button below for $161.99 (down from $549.99) the Garmin epix Navigation Watch is a tech-savvy watch that is tough enough and smart enough for those who like a spot of serious outdoor adventure!

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