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Risk: Game of Thrones – Claim Your Right To The Iron Throne!

Available from eBay here, the Risk: Game of Thrones board game, takes the classic, strategic game of Risk to a whole new epic scale of war and destruction! This exciting board game comes with a host of finely crafted game pieces, custom design game boards and a collection of specialised character cards – all of which let you play out the epic, tantalising struggle that is the Game of Thrones!

Seven Exquisite Armies

The Risk: Game of Thrones board game comes with seven Noble House armies and each army consists of 45 finely crafted game pieces.

The game set comes with a whopping 315 game pieces in total and the pieces are represented by two different, sculpted designs (1 unit army and 3 unit army) as well as one sculpted Seat of Power (castle).

Risk: Game of Thrones – includes 315 game pieces!
Custom Designed Game Boards

The Risk: Game of Thrones board game comes with a variety of different game options, which adds extra versatility and longevity to the game.

Players have the choice of partaking in a variety of different campaigns, namely: the War of Five Kings in the lands of Westeros, with the 3-5 player game featuring Houses Stark, Martell, Baratheon, Lannister, and Tyrell; the Ghiscari Slavers campaign, where you contest the Ghiscari rule in the realms of Essos in a 2-player game featuring Houses Targaryen and Ghiscari; or finally, players can combine the two maps to fight the war to end all wars in a 7-player, seven House total war!

Significantly, Risk: Game of Thrones also comes with seven personalised player boards, customised for each House. These boards have never before come with a game of Risk and they allow players to track their progress throughout the game.

Risk: Game of Thrones – includes stunning custom game boards
Specialised Character Cards

With a whopping 28 specialised character cards, the Risk: Game of Thrones board game allows the players to utilise the extraordinary abilities and skills of four of the most powerful members of your House. With 28 character cards in total (four per house) the cards allow you to dominate battles and defend against attacks in a game of intense fury and cool, calculated strategy!

It is also worth mentioning that the game also comes with a customised game box featuring silver-foil stamps of House sigils, which adds a particularly nice aesthetic to the game kit. In addition, the board game comes with specialised army storage containers within the box and this adds a nice way to organise and store your armies.

Currently available at eBay via the button below for $139.38 (approx. €118.26), the Risk: Game of Thrones board game is an exquisite game set which allows you to live out the intense, action of Game of Thrones in the comfort of your own home!

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