EOZ Air – World’s Most Advanced True Wireless Earphones

Crowdfunded, via Kickstarter here, the Eoz Air wireless earphones are a hot trending tech innovation which is currently creating quite the buzz round the web! With features such as; High Resolution Audio, 52 Hours Playtime, a Super Sleek Design, Instant Pairing and a Secure Fit – this product is shaping up very nicely indeed!

Stunning Sound

With a top-tier sound experience characterized by powerful bass and super clear and crispy mid-highs, the Eoz Air delivers superb sound quality without the hassle of knotted wires.

The designers of the Eoz Air made a decision early on to focus on what matters most – namely sound quality. As a result, the designers decided not to add in any distractions such as fitness or heart rate monitors. Partly as a result of this design decision, the Eoz Air now feature custom made 8mm electro-dynamic drivers which deliver a fine tuned High Resolution Audio for a natural sound signature.

Notably, the latest aptX® technology, significantly reduces the bit rate without affecting audio quality and the result of this is a pure, wireless CD-like quality sound.


Secure Fit

Whether you run, dance, work out or power nap, the Eoz Air is designed to stay securely in place in your ears, regardless of the situation. As every person has a different ear canal shape and size, the Eoz Air comes with 6 different set of ear tips, which makes for a secure, comfortable fit, regardless of the person.

The Eoz Air also possesses an over ear hook, engineered to gently adapt to all ear sizes. As a result, this innovative, secure outer design not only stays in your ear more easily, it also looks very sleek and modern.

Another advantage to the Eoz Air is that they are also sweat resistant earphones, so this also aids in providing a comfortable, secure fit when working out or playing sports.

1aaaa.jpgIt’s All In The Juice

A particularly nice feature of these headphones, is that they provide up to 4 hours of listening time on a single charge. In addition, the Eoz Air charging case provides an impressive additional 48 hours of listening time when on the go!

Stay Connected

With the combination of Bluetooth® 5.0 technology and a revolutionary double antenna system located outside the earphone’s casing, the EOZ Air, provides a great range and stronger signal than you’ve ever seen on a pair of truly wireless earphones.

In addition, the EOZ Air is compatible with all your Bluetooth devices, namely; Android (phones, tablets, smartwatches), iOS (iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch), Windows computers, macOS computers, VR Headsets and Smart TVs.

Currently slated on Kickstarter for release on November 13 2017, with close to $180,000 already pledged towards their product development fund, the EOZ Air look set to explode onto the headphone scene with a sleek, high quality product debut – and so far the results look great!

PS – Should you wish to check out more info or make a pledge towards the EOZ Air, you can read more about this innovative product via the button below!

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