Galaxy Note8 – S Pen, Infinity Display, Waterproofing – Do Bigger Things

Available from Samsung here, the Galaxy Note8 is a feature-rich, flagship phone packed full of top tech to help you boost your productivity, enjoy content like never before and take multitasking to a whole new level!

Infinity And Beyond

One of the top features of the Galaxy Note8 is the stunning Infinity Display. The screen is the largest ever screen on a Note device, yet it the phone still fits easily into your hand.

The Infinity Display is a 6.3″ screen with a 18.5:9 aspect ratio, and this translates into a near bezel-less, full-frontal glass, edge-to-edge screen.

Samsung’s sleek android phone possesses a long, slim profile, yet it doesn’t feel too over-sized or overly cumbersome for a phone. Also the screen is very bright with fantastic display quality, which comes across as particularly spectacular when watching HD movies.

Samsung Galaxy Note8 –  Infinity Display for the win!
S Pen Productivity

A particularly striking feature of the Galaxy Note8, is the versatile S Pen stylus that comes included with the device. The pen allows you to write notes (which you can also send) and you can also write a message on a photo, or write quick notes on the lock screen.

Another nice touch is that the S Pen physically slots into a slot on the phone, so you won’t have to worry about misplacing it once you’re done writing notes.

Built For Performance

The Galaxy Note8 is great when it comes to multi-tasking and Samsung have ensured that the internal specs live up to flagship phone standards.

The phone possesses a high-performing 10nm mobile processor and 6GB RAM, which allows for smooth, seamless performance whether you are downloading games, watching movies or multitasking with several apps.

For those who want an even more effortless experience, it is possible to separately purchase a wireless charger, which then allows you to wirelessly charge your Galaxy Note8 without the hassle of plugging in wires.

Samsung Galaxy Note8 – handles multi-tasking beautifully
Camera Crispness

The Galaxy Note8 possesses an excellent dual camera with an in-built wide angle camera that comes with great low-light capabilities. Furthermore, the dual camera supports 2x optical zoom for sharp distance shots, and both cameras possesses optical image stabilization for steady shots, even when zoomed in.

Another cool feature is that as the phone is IP68-certified (meaning that the phone is waterproof when placed under submersion for half an hour) you can take a few photos even when messing about in the rain, or even for a swim in shallow water!

Available from Samsung from $929.99 via the button below, the Galaxy Note8 provides superb multi-tasking capabilities and it also comes with the added bonuses of a stunning Infinity Display, handy S Pen and a smooth, high-performing mobile processor!

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