Apple Watch Series 3 – Swimproof – GPS & Altimeter – Activity Tracker & More

Available from Apple here, the Apple Watch Series 3, takes the Apple Watch to a whole new level of tech and sports-focussed enhancement. With inbuilt GPS and a whole host of sports and health related apps and supporting functions, this watch is great for those who like to stay fit, or simply organised and connected when on the go!

Stay Connected

With inbuilt cellular, the Apple Watch Series 3 allows the user to stay connected without having to take your phone along with you all the time.

You can make calls and send texts just with your watch, so whether you’re out for a run, walking between meetings or even taking a leisurely swim in the pool, you’ll have the convenient luxury of always staying connected!


Fuel For Fitness

The Apple Watch Series 3 is arguably a top contender for the title of Ultimate Sports Watch. This sleek beauty possesses an inbuilt GPS and Altimeter, so you can always track how far and high you go.

With a swimproof design, you won’t have to worry about water damage when out swimming or running in heavy rain. Furthermore, the watch allows for streaming music (with around 40 million songs to choose from!) and so, you pretty much have all the sporting motivation you need – right there on your wrist!

The watch also offers an impressive array of health & fitness related apps, to keep you motivated, health-conscious and on track to meet your health, fitness and lifestyle goals.


A Watch For Every Lifestyle

Whether your into sports or not, the Apple Watch Series 3 makes for a superb  lifestyle / organisational tool.

Siri speaks from your watch and is faster and smarter than ever before. Also, there are different wrist band options available top fit your mood and style!

There is also an impressive array of watch faces on offer, as well as apps to fit countless tastes, hobbies and lifestyles.

With prices starting at $329, the Apple Watch Series 3 offers greater freedom to stay connected without always having to have your phone always by your side. Also, the fitness, health and lifestyle apps and features make fitness a lot more fun and accessible for all.

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