Mitte: Personalized, Purified and Enhanced Mineral Water

Popular right now on Kickstarter here, Mitte is a first of its kind smart home water system that purifies and enhances water through a process inspired by the natural water cycle! Furthermore, as Mitte is a start up, you have the opportunity of making a pledge towards the future of the product, with various pledge options and rewards available!

Healthy Water – Purified & Enhanced

This nifty bit of home tech works in two simple steps. First, it uses a proprietary distillation-based method to purify water to an unprecedented level. Second, Mitte not only purifies the water, it makes it healthy also by enhancing it with essential minerals.

According to a report commissioned by the World Health Organization in 2005, “Some 21 mineral elements are known to be essential for humans.” With this in mind, therefore, when it comes to water purification, other water purification systems remove important healthy minerals in water along with the contaminants, creating water that’s only pure, but not healthy.

Mitte on the other hand, solves this problem by using a variety of specialised mineral cartridges to add minerals and trace elements to the water, much like how in nature, water flows through rocks, picking up minerals along the way.


Tap Water – The Dirty Truth!

Sadly, the truth is that our tap water is not as clean as we might like to think! Tap water can contain contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, hormones, nitrates, fluorides and microplastics, among other nasties.

As a case in point, The Guardian newspaper in the UK published an article on the widespread contamination of micro plastics in our tap water and it found that billions of people globally are drinking water contaminated by plastic particles with 83% of all samples – and 94% of US samples – found to be polluted.

More disturbingly, these microplastics remain in the body for years after consumption, with unknown consequences. With Mitte, however, the contamination is made very apparent – with about 3% of the water that enters Mitte collected as waste water!


Innovative German Engineering

Compared to other filtration-only systems such as pitcher filters or filters integrated into fridges, Mitte creates the industry benchmark with the cleanest water on the market. Mitte purifies water of all contaminants, such as harmful hormones, nitrates, fluorides, and microplastics, and the result is perfect, pure water as the basis for re-mineralization.

Essentially, this innovative, home device is German engineered for your health, and Mitte has been through hundreds of iterations over 18 months, from sketches and ideas to cardboard mocks-ups, 3-D prints and prototypes – all leading to the final, fully operational model!

With funding for Mitte currently in progress at Kickstarter, you can check out this impressive device via the button below. Furthermore, with €185,668 pledged of their €75,000 funding goal already reached – the device looks set for a soaring debut release!

For a device that is 60x Cleaner than filtered water, Enhanced with essential minerals, Personalised to your lifestyle and tastes, and also Smart and connected to your smart phone, Mitte adds a healthy twist on personalized, home water purification!

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