Coinbase Ethereum & Litecoin Vaults

Coinbase will soon launch Ethereum and Litecoin vaults for all customers, bringing these assets in line with theirr current Bitcoin storage offerings. With vaults for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, customers get additional layers of withdrawal security for stored digital currency, such as a 48-hour withdrawal delay and required email approvals.

Best Of Both Worlds

A little more than 3 years ago, Coinbase launched Bitcoin vaults for Coinbase customers. The goal was to help eliminate the false idea that Bitcoin owners had to choose between security or convenience when it came to storage. Coinbase vaults gave customers the best of both worlds by providing a standard account for easy access and a vault for long-term storage.

Coinbase are now bringing this product to Ethereum and Litecoin, continuing their mission to make Coinbase the easiest, most secure place to buy, sell, and hold digital currency.

Visit and click “New Account” to set up a BTC, ETH, or LTC vault today. To learn more about the vaults product, visit

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