Skate Park FingerBoard Ramp – Great For Tech Deck Fingerboards!

Available from eBay here, the Skate Park FingerBoard Ramp is an exhilarating little kit for Fingerboard novices and experts alike!

Multi-Part Kit

Compatible with Tech Deck Fingerboards, the Skate Park FingerBoard Ramp comes with 8 parts which can be combined to make a very cool, realistic-looking skating scene. The kit provides excellent entertainment potential and in terms of contents, the kit includes:

1 x Handrail
2 x Fingerboards
5 x Ramp
8 x Small Accessories


It’s All In The Details

The Skate Park FingerBoard Ramp is made of sturdy ABS plastic and the kit comes in a fairly compact size with the approximate dimensions of 420 x 280 mm.

It is worth pointing out that due to variations in light effect and your individual computer screen brightness and/or contrast settings, there may be some slight differences in the colour tone of the kit compared to that shown in the photos.

Nevertheless, the Skate Park FingerBoard Ramp has a very authentic, quality look to it. Furthermore, when not in use, the kit looks great as a centerpiece item on any bedroom shelf or counter top.


Practice Makes Perfect

Practice makes perfect and there’s nothing quite like whiling away the hours with the Skate Park FingerBoard Ramp!

This kit is the kind of kit to keep adults and kids alike occupied for hours and playing around with the two included Fingerboards can get pretty addictive, fast!

Significantly, the kit can be used as a useful learning tool to encourage kids to utilise their imaginations, as well as learning more about skating and roller boarding.

Currently on offer at eBay for $11.96 (approx. €EUR 10.29), the Skate Park FingerBoard Ramp not only looks great but it also provides hours upon hours of potential fun. Fingerboarding does take practice, you know!

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