November Challenge: Give the Gift of Hope

We all love gifts, don’t we? Giving them. Receiving them. It’s all fun! But the presents we remember most are the ones offered with thought and intention—the ones that immediately show us how well the giver knows us and how much they believe in our potential. We’re talking about the gift of hope.

When Have You Received The Gift Of Hope?

Maybe it was a book that really spoke to your situation—one you read cover to cover and inspired you to make a positive, hopeful change in your life. Or maybe it was the new pair of running shoes your parents surprised you with the week before your first marathon.

With every step you took when you wanted to quit, your new shoes gave you hope that you would cross the finish line. So you kept running.

Hope Is A Powerful Thing

This month, EveryDollar challenges you to give the gift of hope to someone else this holiday season. You can keep your gifts simple (and budget-friendly) with a note of encouragement to a friend or a couple of hours spent volunteering at your local food pantry.

Believe In Others

You might offer to be an accountability partner to a friend or family member who’s just getting started with a monthly budget. You could place a gift under the Christmas tree that tells someone you love, I believe in you and what you’re doing.

Be The Catalyst Of Change

By giving the gift of hope you get to be the catalyst of positive change in a person’s life. What an incredible feeling! We’ve all been fortunate enough to receive a gift of hope—now let’s enjoy the fun of giving it.

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