Space Engineers: Major Physics Overhaul

With today’s major update, 1.185.0, Keen Software House are releasing a large overhaul to the physics in Space Engineers, available here. The update is primarily focusing on pistons, rotors, landing gear, and grid deformations.

Real-World Physics

The original vision of Space Engineers was to build a game where physics behave exactly as they do in the real world. This would enable players to transfer their intuition from the real world to the game world. Things in Space Engineers should behave exactly as one would expect them to behave in real world.

Everything Is Destructible

On top of that, everything is destructible in the game. Different blocks have different strengths, gravity and other forces push and pull objects and ship crashes and collisions feel realistic.

  • Massive physics overhaul
  • Pistons, rotors, landing gear and more
  • Grid deformations – Improved, optimized, tweaked and balanced
  • Optimizations – less lag, more fun
  • Improved subgrid behavior and fragility
  • Stronger constraints for mechanical blocks so that they don’t break so easily
  • Less Clang, more engineering
  • Also available on Steam

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