Charge Up Your Phone With The Tesla Powerbank

Available from the legendary Tesla company here, the Tesla Powerbank is a great little product addition from a company more traditionally associated with innovative electrical car manufacturing than small-scale personal technology and commodities. That being said, Tesla do offer a very cool, expanding range of style and apparel products (not just electric cars), and this handy little device is just what you need to charge your phone when on the go for extended trips.


It’s All In The Design

With a look designed and inspired after Tesla’s supercharger monument at the Tesla Design Studio, the Tesla Powerbank looks very sleek and innovative – and not to mention quintessentially Teslian.

One particularly nice feature of the battery pack is that it provides versatility to both iOS and android users. With both an integrated Apple lighting connector and a detachable micro USB, the compact Tesla Powerbank effectively provides charging capability regardless of which of the two platforms you use.


Bank That Power

With a single 18650 cell with a 3350mAh capacity, the Tesla Powerbank provides a thorough charge for most phones. Furthermore, with size dimensions of 108 x 30.5 x 23.3mm, the Tesla Powerbank is small enough and lightweight enough to fit in your daily day-to-day bag (or a trouser back pocket at a squeeze!).

Another nice feature also is that the device also possesses high efficiency circuitry to deliver maximum battery capacity with the power available.

With stocks sadly temporarily out, the Tesla Powerbank is currently priced at $45.00 and will be available from Tesla as soon as stocks have replenished. Not only is the device a great way to keep your phone nicely charged up on the go – you get to do so with a touch of that legendary Tesla innovation and ingenuity!

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