6 EveryDollar Budget Tips Of Christmas

1. Develop A Gift Giving Philosophy

Who are you giving your holiday gifts to? When it comes to your usual gifting routine, should you ramp up your spending or tighten your budget? The easy answer is to develop a giving mentality.

2. Budget Wisely

The best way to keep tabs on your Christmas savings is to determine how much you have so far and how much you will be able to set aside. Divide the total amount you are willing to spend among all your gift recipients.

This includes family, friends, coworkers and teachers. You should then create a Christmas budget in EveryDollar with line items for all of your holiday shopping.

3. Track Your Spending

At the end of each shopping trip, be sure to update the amount you spent in your in EveryDollar app. This means that you should keep your receipts or you could sign up for EveryDollar Plus, and your bank transactions will be waiting for you to categorize when you get home!

4. Shop Online

Check online for the best prices. Do a quick search for promo codes or coupons, and don’t forget that many online retailers offer free shipping for a limited time during the holidays. Get your timing right and you might be able to take advantage of a sale, too!

5. Resist Retail Marketing

Put up a few safeguards to help you avoid impulse buys. When you enter a store, do so with a mission. Stick to the plan, and when you see something you’d like for yourself add it to your own wish list.

6. Get Creative

Just a few minutes on Pinterest and you’ll be overwhelmed with all the DIY Christmas options. Buy, make, and gift your crafts in bulk for ultimate savings. This works especially well for large group gifts for coworkers, teachers or friends.

What budgeting essentials do you follow during the holiday season? Let us know in the comment section below!

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